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Movie Review: Hancock

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Hancock was original, fresh, very funny and action packed. I rate this movie very high. We had such a great time seeing it. It's definitely a little too violent for the little ones. We saw it pretty late at night so there weren't many people in the theater, but we were all laughing pretty hard during many of the scenes.

I give this movie a strong thumbs up. It's got some bad language, but not over the top.

The critics tore this movie apart, but don't let that stop you from seeing it. They got it wrong. Go see this movie.

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Cameron Novak
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I have not seen the movie, but based on input from others... It sounds as if this movie was a borderline R and shouldn't be seen by anyone younger than about 14 years old.

It's too bad because my 9 year old is dying to see it because he keeps seeing the trailer on TV and he loves superhero movies.

Cameron Novak
Corona Real Estate Agent
The Homefinding Center

Jul 02, 2008 08:05 PM