As a real estate professional, you likely sync your data via cloud storage to several of your electronic devices so you can have access to your videos, documents, and photos from anywhere and on any device. While cloud storage provides numerous benefits, it does open up the possibility of someone else accessing your information. Follow these four security tips to protect your data.

Use two-factor authentication. Enabling two-factor authentication means that unwelcome visitors will be unable to access your files even if they know your username and password. To gain access, you'll receive a private code on your phone.

Utilize strong passwords. Encryption doesn't protect your information if you have a compromised account, so use strong passwords with at least eight characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Remove your deleted files. Most cloud storage systems use a recycle bin that stores files for a few days or weeks, just in case you want that information back. If you get hacked, that information is still accessible. Consider deleting those files from your recycle bin to make sure that information is truly gone.

Activate account alerts. Certain systems can send you alerts if something suspicious occurs with your account. For instance, if someone tries to sign into your account from an unauthorized device, you will receive an alert.

Cloud storage provides the convenience of accessing your information across several different devices. To minimize your chance of a data breach occurring, protect your information with these cloud storage security tips.