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The San Diego realty market is experiencing contractions similar to the rest of the United States following the Covid Pandemic years. The graphs and diagrams below show that San Diego's home value has fallen by approximately $50,000 over the last six months. This has made housing more affordable, but it also raised concerns about another housing bubble. This article will examine the current market conditions in San Diego. It will include trends in home prices, sales activity, and inventory levels as well as other factors that could be impacting the market. This article provides valuable information about the San Diego realty market, whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor.

The San Diego market should be monitored throughout 2023. If new listings rise above the 5,000 mark and the unemployment rate increases, then you can expect a substantial impact on housing prices. Prices may fall as more homes become available. However, a high unemployment rate could lead to lower demand and a consequent decrease in prices. Make sure you are informed as a buyer or seller and keep up to date with the latest data. San Diego must avoid a major housing bubble if the U.S. can avoid a major recession. Prices should stay flat or slightly higher for 2023, and home loan rates should begin decreasing.

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