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How to Evaluate a Home in the Sierra Foothills for a Short Term Rental

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Are you thinking about renting out your home in the Sierra Foothills? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you find the right tenant and get the most value for your rental. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to evaluate a home for a short term rental. Keep reading to learn more!

Location is key – the closer to town, the better

Location is a major factor when looking for the perfect home. In Nevada County, this could not ring more true. Situated in northern California, the county offers easy access to Sacramento and San Francisco, bringing all the hustle, bustle, and amenities of city life within reach. Living close to town — rather than out in the country — allows you to take advantage of all that these two larger cities offer with convenience and ease. Suddenly dining at gourmet restaurants or catching a show at an opera house are just a stone’s throw away. Whether you’re looking to raise your family, find an adventure-packed retirement spot, or invest in property to resell in the future, Nevada County is sure to provide closeness to all the benefits of living near town.

Size and layout – make sure there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for your short term rental guest

Visitors to Nevada County are surely in for a treat! But before they even arrive, it is important to make sure your short term rental really has what they need. Ensuring that your space includes enough bedrooms and bathrooms is key in making sure your guest experience is top-notch. This will not only make their stay comfortable but also memorable as they explore all that the region has to offer. With so much potential, be sure you’re meeting their expectations when it comes to layout and size.

Parking – is there room for multiple cars, or will street parking be required for your short term rental guests

If you’re planning to rent out a property in Nevada County for short-term guests, the parking expectations of your potential customers should be taken into consideration. Depending on the size of your rental property, it may be necessary to procure off-street parking either through dedicated spaces adjacent to your home or offering references for local street parking that can accommodate multiple cars. If there is ample room onsite, guests may also appreciate having the comfort of knowing that their vehicles are safe and secure in a designated space during their stay. Be sure to make this information clear in your description so that guests know exactly what they can expect before they arrive.

Furnishings – select furnishings for your short term rental that are durable and meets your needs for your short term rental

When searching for furnishings to fit your short term rental needs, it is important to remember that you want something durable and suitable for your guests. Investing in reliable furniture and accessories means less maintenance and upkeep over time. Taking the time to research materials such as hardwood frames, synthetic fabrics, and thick rugs can help determine if the product will be able to withstand general wear and tear for the period of time needed. Whether you are selecting a sleek classic dining table set or an inviting sofa with plush accents, look at what types of details need to be considered when furnishing a space so it meets all expectations. With careful consideration and planning, you can bring an attractive look to a short term rental that also lasts.

Amenities – does the home have a pool, hot tub, fire pit, or other amenities that would be marketable for a great Airbnb experience

Adding amenities to a home can vastly improve the Airbnb experience of your guests and make your listing stand out from the competition. Swimming pools and hot tubs create a tropical oasis in any backyard, providing hours of escapism for renters. Alternatively, a fire pit in the front yard offers romantic evening ambience to lull yourself into relaxation. Not only do these features improve property value but they will also attract more visitors and generate higher profits. Put simply, these amenities aren’t just practical additions – they are key investments that can elevate the Airbnb experience.

Short Rental rates – compare rates between different homes understand how much you can make as a host

If you are considering becoming an Airbnb host, it’s important to research Airbnb rental rates between different homes. Finding out what your peers are charging is a helpful way to gauge potential income and understand how much you can make as a host. Although Airbnb rental prices vary depending on the location, amenities, and other factors, familiarizing yourself with market trends will give you an advantage when calculating your rate. Ultimately, you must ensure that you provide guests with a fair price before their stay. Airbnb hosts who gain insight into Airbnb rental rates have greater chances at success when it comes to booking guests!

TIP: Check out AirDNA

This is a data-driven company that provides short-term rental analytics. You can use their market reports to get an idea of what areas in the Sierra Foothills are hot for vacation rentals and what kind of nightly rate you could expect.

Check out their rental rate analyzer >>

Finding the perfect vacation rental home can be tricky, but if you keep these six factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find a great place to stay in Nevada County. Location is key – the closer to town, the better. Size and layout – make sure there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for your needs. Parking – is there room for multiple cars, or will street parking be required? Furnishings – check to see if the home is furnished and if so, whether it meets your needs. Amenities – does the home have a pool, hot tub, fire pit, or other amenities that you desire? Short Rental rates – compare rates between different homes understand how much you can make as a host. Contact us for more information about finding the perfect vacation rental home to purchase in Nevada County.

Reach out, we would love to help you buy your next short term rental in the Sierra Foothills!

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