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A press release is a write-up about you, your business, or your service.  A press release is an excellent way to get free publicity for your business and generate your own credibility as an expert in the field.


Press releases are one way to generate traffic to your website or business.  Begin by deciding what your story will be about; the news you want to inform the public about.  Are you launching a new product or introducing a new type of service that will affect your customers?


There are many press release submission services on the internet; some have strict requirements; others will print nearly anything you submit.  Some charge fees; many are free.  One important thing to remember is that a press release is not a classified advertisement; a well-written press release should read like a news article.


Begin your press release with a headline that interests the public.  One with controversy is a good example; “New Health Food Store Opens, Upsetting Local Supermarket Owner.”  “Local Real Estate Investor Upsets Gurus by Giving Free Tips on Buying Foreclosures.”  Another example is mentioning accomplishments,
“Local Appliance Repairman Acknowledged for Exceptional Service.”  Be sure to use strong keywords in the headline.


Most press release submission sites require a sub-heading or summary of what will follow in the body of the press release.  Here are examples to follow the headlines listed above:  Participants were happy with the free, valuable information they received, upsetting gurus who charge hundreds of dollars for study kits and foreclosure listings.  Or something like, Will the local guy next door put national appliance repair services out of business?


Try to begin your press release with your major keyword or keyword phrase as the first words.  Be sure to use your keywords and keyword phrases several times throughout the press release.  Gain your reader’s attention and keep them reading to the end where you will put your “call to action” statement, your contact information, and a link to your website.


Include quotes in your press release.  Mr. Business Owner was recently interviewed and he said, “put a quote here.”  Ms. Service Provider recently spoke at a seminar where she offered energy saving tips to consumers.  List a couple of tips provided, followed by a quote from someone who attended.  One participant said, “I was amazed to learn how many people are using Ms. Service Provider’s techniques.” 


Keep the press release around 300 – 500 words; use short paragraphs, and proofread carefully.   Remember, the public is going to be reading your press release as if it is the news.  Your press release will represent you; therefore, you want it to be professionally written and error-free.  Who will buy your product if you cannot spell it?  Who will read your book if you use poor grammar and punctuation?


Practice makes perfect.  It takes time and effort to write a good press release but the free media exposure, increased credibility and the new clients and profits that you generate will make this a worthwhile endeavor.

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