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Inspired Expeditions ~ UC Santa Cruz Travel Program

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US Santa Cruz has an amazing program that everyone may not know about! It is called Inspired Expeditions. This program is all about making the world your classroom! 

Inspired Expeditions explores the far-reaching corners of our globe and showcases their extraordinary faculty, celebrating the expertise and research they conduct on and off campus. Strengthen your connection to the university and broaden your understanding of our world. These expeditions are open to anyone wanting to experience an amazing opportunity. 

This year Inspired Expeditions are offering four amazing trips this year that you are not going to want to miss out on!  

Southern Italy and Sicily with Apulia and the Amalfi Coast

April 18–May 2, 2023

Delight in a special exploration of Italy’s southern climes, from striking Sicily and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to unheralded Apulia, the alluring “boot heel” of Italy, where a vivid history, unique architecture, and bountiful plains join the sun and sea in creating a prized (and crowd-free) region. Add Italian hospitality, outstanding cuisine, and notable lodgings for la dolce vita, small-group style.

For more Info Click Here: https://travel.ucsc.edu/2023-expeditions/southern-italy/

Exploring Iceland

May 25–June 4, 2023

It’s a surprising, even astonishing land; one of massive glaciers and rumbling volcanoes, bubbling mud holes and powerful waterfalls; hugely abundant birdlife. It’s also perfect for exploring in a small group, as you discover traveling the breadth of the country and getting an up-close view of this natural “wonderland.” Led by UCSC associate professor and geologist Terry Blackburn.

For More Info to Join The Waitlist Click Here: https://travel.ucsc.edu/2023-expeditions/iceland/

Pearls of Dalmatia with Dubrovnik and the Island of Hvar

September 2–16, 2023

Independent, democratic Croatia welcomes visitors eager to absorb its remarkable history and culture—and its beautiful and unspoiled Dalmatian coastline. As the small group travels from historic Zagreb and beautiful Lake Bled to the Habsburg resort of Opatija, the island of Hvar, and beloved Dubrovnik, we see why this cherished region lays such a claim on the hearts of all who visit.

For More Information Click Here: https://travel.ucsc.edu/2023-expeditions/dalmatia/

Ancient Treasures of Egypt

October 3–14, 2023

Join UCSC Egyptologist and associate professor of history Elaine Sullivan on a tour of Egypt, where monumental pyramids rise out of the desert and the River Nile weaves through the land, providing the country with its extraordinary history. Shifting sands and arid conditions have preserved thousands of years of a remarkable civilization in fascinating detail.

For More Information Click Here: https://travel.ucsc.edu/2023-expeditions/egypt/

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