How to Develop Unique Content for SEO in Real Estate Articles & Posts.

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One of the most important things you'll have to do in order to guarantee the success of your SEO campaign is to have fresh, new, and unique content.  On the web, content really is king; it is what distinguishes one web property from the next one.  Well-written and informative content establishes the value of your website and other web properties.  Your content (or lack thereof) will tell the world (and the search engines) how much authority you are on your particular subject matter.

Without significant content, search engines (like Google) will check out (or crawl) your web properties and quickly determine that your sites are nothing special – relegating your sites to the black hole of insignificant websites.

So the obvious question is how do you begin to develop your own unique content; content that will stand out and make your sites into valuable sources of information?  A good place to start is with keyword research of the best search terms for your particular field.  Doing keyword research will allow you to determine the most commonly used terms that people enter when searching for a business like yours.  These are the terms that you'll want to incorporate into the web content that you develop.

Now that you have your ideal keywords determined, you'll want to begin to develop informative content around those keywords.   If, for example, your business is in investment advising; you might have “investing for retirement” as a keyword phrase.  This phrase will be used in much of the content you'll post online.  This includes landing page content, blog posts, press releases, etc.  A portion of one form of your web content might read something like this: “ABC company does regular research into a number of options for our valued clients.  Many of our clients come to us for suggestions on investing for retirement, and we...”  As you build different types of content, you will pretty much focus on providing quality information – while blending in your keywords of keyword phrases.  Of course, you do have to be careful not to overuse your keywords – the general rule of thumb is I now only use it only once in my content.

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