JAN 2023 WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Waushara County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot

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Wisconsin Forestland Report


JAN 2023 WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Waushara County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot for 20+ Acre Properties




Sold Properties Report

Price Total Acres $/Acre Original MLS # Status Municipality County
$48,000 52.58 $913 50253460 Sold Warren Waushara
$85,000 20.02 $4,246 50193763 Sold Bloomfield Waushara
$131,500 23.43 $5,612 50260237 Sold Marion Waushara
$135,000 20 $6,750 50253405 Sold Leon Waushara
$145,000 24.9 $5,823 1943514 Sold Poy Sippi Waushara
$149,900 27.5 $5,451 50256451 Sold Wautoma Waushara
$155,000 48.61 $3,189 50265989 Sold Saxeville Waushara
$162,770 39.7 $4,100 22104024 Sold Plainfield Waushara
$165,000 40 $4,125 50255446 Sold Saxeville Waushara
$177,500 38 $4,671 1932509 Sold Coloma Waushara
$179,900 28 $6,425 50256447 Sold Marion Waushara
$189,900 32.7 $5,807 50258199 Sold Rose Waushara
$195,000 37 $5,270 50262699 Sold Richford Waushara
$200,000 40 $5,000 50266466 Sold Leon Waushara
$220,000 38.66 $5,691 1938888 Sold Deerfield Waushara
$245,000 37.75 $6,490 50259949 Sold Marion Waushara
$257,750 39.5 $6,525 50264311 Sold Rose Waushara
$261,145 68 $3,840 50264436 Sold Rose Waushara
$270,000 50 $5,400 22201428 Sold Plainfield Waushara
$280,000 204.57 $1,369 1923102 Sold Poy Sippi Waushara
$300,000 74.03 $4,052 22104023 Sold Plainfield Waushara
$327,000 65.44 $4,997 50257320 Sold Warren Waushara
$330,000 220 $1,500 50239799 Sold Saxeville Waushara
$335,000 80 $4,188 50255411 Sold Wautoma Waushara
$335,000 80 $4,188 22203604 Sold Wautoma Waushara
$410,000 81.56 $5,027 50267644 Sold Rose Waushara
$820,000 98 $8,367 1936731 Sold Aurora Waushara
$1,000,000 202 $4,950 1930262 Sold Poy Sippi Waushara
     $    4,998 Median Price / Acre      
$7,510,365         1,812  $    4,145 Average Price / Acre      



Current Listings for Waushara County Wisconsin






Waushara County Wisconsin, Oaks, Pines, and Wildlifedense white pine with Woodland Management Service Forester

175 Thousand Acres of Forested Wildlife habitat can be found in this beautiful Central Wisconsin County.

Though the Oaks here are not spectacular, the pines are exceptional.

One delightful remnant of a foresters advice from the mid part of the last century stands out with spectacular results.

That bit of advice that he gave to all who planted pines here was to mix a little bit of White Pine in with all of the Red Pines that were being planted.

The result of planting this row of White Pine to every three rows of Red Pines was a slightly lower return in the first few thinnings (generally at age 20 and 28), but after this the white pines would start naturally seeding in between the rows, eliminating any need for future planting. 

hemlock forest

In addition to the self planting these White Pines are also a longer lived tree, ensuring the potential for a more climax type forest for the future.

We now have many forests in this county where the pine plantations no longer look so much like a plantation as they do a dense semi natural White pine forest.

  Our clients at Woodland Management Service own land here for the bountiful wildlife and for the quality Pine and Oak timber.

  The largest portion of this 175 thousand acres of forest land is Oak with over 66 thousand acres of Oak forests which provide premium deer and turkey habitat along with timber income.   The second largest group of forests is the Pines and Spruces with 55  thousand acres.


These forests are not only good for producing income for our clients and great habitat for Deer and Turkeys, but it also provide good habitat for many other wildlife like Bears, Grouse, and more.


If you are interested in purchasing land or Selling land in Waushara County click the link or give me a call.

If you own some forest land and would like to learn more about how to improve this land, give Woodland Management Service a call and our Foresters and Wildlife Specialists will help you to accomplish your goals.






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The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with huntingland, timberland investments throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the experts at the Woodland Companies!


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