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Neighborhood Information

Bonefish Tower, located in Coco Plum, is a well-known landmark in the Middle Keys and, at 143 feet, the highest building in the entire Florida Keys. Coco Plum was mostly undeveloped until the last couple of decades, with many empty lots and only a few rundown marinas and commercial fishing operations. Coco Plum Florida Keys real estate has only recently become popular among buyers. While some of the old buildings remain, a drive down Coco Plum Drive today will reveal a bustling community that is now home to some of the most expensive luxury real estates in the Coco Plum, Florida, Marathon area. Coco Plum is quickly becoming one of the premier communities in the Middle Keys, boasting some of the region's deepest and widest canals and most exquisite oceanfront estates. Please get in touch with us today for more details about the Coco Plum homes we have available. 

Although few restaurants are within walking distance of Coco Plum real estate, there are plenty of options for eating out in the Middle Keys, a short drive or bike ride away. A small coffee "hut" in the north of the island serves hot beverages for early risers, and further south, you can find some of the best café con leches this side of Cuba. Want some schmear on your bagel? Yes, that's also available in Marathon. The cuisine in the Middle Keys caters to all tastes, from prime steaks and sushi to organic and vegan options and of course, fresh seafood. Remember that you will most likely be dining outside, perhaps by the water, and that the dress code is always casual. A paved pedestrian/bike path runs almost the entire length of Coco Plum Drive, making it convenient for buyers of luxury real estate in Coco Plum, Florida. This area is excellent for those who want a quick run or a relaxing stroll because there is very little car traffic. You can visit Coco Plum Beach after your cardio workout. Despite the increased demand for Coco Plum property in recent years, the beach is usually deserted, as it is favored by locals for taking their dogs for a walk. Almost every home for sale on Coco Plum has a view of the ocean, a canal, or a marina, and it's unusual to find a dry lot there. Coco Plum property is ideal for boat owners because it is situated near some of the Keys' deepest and widest canals, can accommodate boats of varying sizes, and provides easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club also provides a fantastic live-aboard community, with slips available in various sizes and depths for those who prefer to spend their time primarily on their boat. This marina is one of the few in the area that can accommodate a sailboat, and it features 52 individually owned slips and is equipped with electric, water, and pump-out service.

Real Estate Information

In 2022, a $12.2 million home on Coco Plum was the priciest property to sell in Marathon. Condos in Coco Plum sold for as little as $295,000 in 2022. In 2022, a 16,000-square-foot home was the largest to sell on Coco Plum (unfinished). In 2022, the smallest home on Coco Plum was 425 square feet. In 2022, a $4.3 million dollar unfinished house on Coco Plum was sold.

Neighborhood Location

The Coco Plum community can be found on the Overseas Highway, near Mile Marker 54, on the ocean side. If you're coming into Marathon from the south, you'll reach your first traffic light at Coco Plum Drive. With the exception of Coco Plum Drive and Pescayo Avenue, the island's streets are named in alphabetical order from east to west, beginning with Avenue A and ending with Avenue O.

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Coco Plum, FL Market Report:

Households: 3,879
Median Listing Home Price: $1,300,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $838
Median Rent: $1,332
Home Ownership Percentage: 51.4%


Coco Plum, FL Community Report:

Population: 9,967
Average Household Income: $87,923
Median Age: 48.5
Cost of Living Score: 135.1


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