Top 4 Reasons to Install New Insulation

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Many possible advantages that could enhance your quality of life come with installing new insulation in your home. Additionally, installing new insulation can reduce noise pollution so you can live in peace and quiet, save you a lot of money on energy costs, and enhance your health by reducing the formation of mold in your home.

If maintaining good health, conserving resources, and showcasing the beauty of your house are among your priorities as a homeowner, now might be the ideal time to think about installing new insulation.

The installation of fresh insulation is warranted for a number of main reasons.

Energy Savings - Insulation Installation1) Energy Savings (Costs) 

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heating in the winter and cooling in the summer account for 49% of a home's energy costs. Your home could not be well insulated, which could explain why your electricity bills are greater than usual.

The energy efficiency of your HVAC system is improved by having a well-insulated home, which is the greatest method to keep your power bill under control.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the correct insulation can help the average household save 15% on heating and cooling costs. By merely adding insulation to the crawl areas, attic, and basement, you can save 11% of your overall energy bills.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it makes sense to take advantage of every savings opportunity. We tend to see increases in utility rates every year. This pattern is anticipated to persist.

Re-insulating your home today is an efficient approach to safeguard yourself against future energy price increases.

Insulation Prevents Mold

2) Mold

One of the best methods for preventing mold growth is insulation. It controls the temperature and moisture in a house, preventing the growth of mold. Insulation will maintain dry, temperature-controlled conditions that inhibit the growth of mold if it is put properly.

Three criteria must be met for mold to grow:

  1. Mold can grow in environments with relative humidity levels of 60 percent or higher.
  2. Temps that are warm. More moisture can be held in warm air than cold air.
  3. Anything biodegradable can serve as food.

Warm, moist air meets cooler surfaces in your walls and around your HVAC system, where it condenses. The combination of this moisture and the warm interior temperatures is ideal for the growth of mold spores.

The first line of defense against moisture buildup in your home is insulation.

However, to do this, insulation must be properly specified, constructed, and installed.

The key to preventing mold growth is choosing the proper type of insulation. Considerable insulation options include cellulose, fiberglass, and icynene.

Remember that choosing the right insulation for the location where it will be used is crucial to preventing the growth of mold.

Insulation helps with noise pollution

3) Noise Pollution

The correct insulation will also aid in reducing background noise from things like traffic and construction. A substance that encloses the noise source is required to create a barrier in order to lessen the amount of unwelcome noise in your living spaces. Vibrations between the source and the surrounding surroundings are absorbed by this barrier. This is how soundproofing your home with high-quality insulation works.

It is important to remember that not all insulation can lessen or block out outside noise. For instance, fiberglass insulation works wonders at lowering impact noise. Another option is spray foam, which is regarded as one of the greatest insulation materials for reducing noise from outside your house. It keeps in good noise while reducing undesired noise.

Spray foam insulation will reduce both indoor and outdoor noise while also isolating it from different areas of your house. Because spray foam extends into every interior wall crevice, it differs from other insulation materials and may effectively muffle all unwanted noises.

4) Appearance 

You will know it's time to repair your insulation if your insulation is so worn that plumbing and air conditioning lines are visible. You might greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home by installing new insulation.

For instance, leveling the wall underneath by adding insulation to a siding job will greatly enhance the appearance.

Look to 3Rs Construction & Remodeling for High Quality Insulation Installs

Let 3Rs Construction help you with replacing or installing new insulation.

We provide expert installation of many types of insulation. 3Rs can help prepare your home for the changing seasons of the Salem, Oregon climate by upgrading your home’s insulation.

Whether it’s to save money on energy expenses, eliminate mold growth, decrease noise pollution or improve appearance, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling has the tools and experience to install the right type of insulation for your home.

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