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Rocky got cocky

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Once upon a time, in a land known as San Diego, Rocky owned a computer. Then one day the evil demon cast a curse upon Rocky’s computer and the hard drive crashed. Rocky went to the wise old man and was told to buy back up software and also performance software for his computer. He was also told to back up his computer at least once a month.


Through the years Rocky heeded the wisdom. From floppy disks, to zip drives, to CDs and DVD back ups. Then one day the evil demon cast a spell upon Rocky. The spell of being cocky.


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an evil demon, but I did get cocky. And I didn’t want to run out of room for my backups.  Now mind you, a new wise man ( who goes by the earthly name of Craig Daniels  ), advised me to subscribe to Microsoft 365 because it included 1TB of cloud drive to back up all my files. But I was thinking, “My computer’s new. I don’t need to worry. Besides with all the files I make, I may run out of space in my cloud account.”


Then, last week my hard drive crashed. I salvaged what I could but still lost a great deal of data.  And went back to my old computer (kind of like leaving a super charged Mustang for a Vespa) while my new computer is fixed.


To make matters worse? When I Fed Ex shipped my computer to get repaired, It went to Memphis. From there it was to go to Dallas.  Guess which two cities got a snowstorm? Yep, Memphis and Dallas. So, my computer is at least 2 days delayed.


I may have to make a sacrifice at the altar if I want my computer back before Monday. It may not even be until Wednesday.


But now I also have changed my database and video business that I do for real estate agents on the side.  Now I am backing up all client files religiously.  Lest the demon return again.

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Sham Reddy CRS
Howard Hanna RE Services, Dayton, OH - Dayton, OH

Rocky can be cocky!!! But that's OK you have right to get cocky!!!

Thanks for sharing your experiences my friend!!!

Feb 02, 2023 03:57 AM
Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Oswego, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Rocky. My computer guru comes to the rescue when necessary. And I like you have been way too cocky over the years! Enjoy your day.

Feb 02, 2023 04:29 AM
Leanne Smith
Dirt Road Real Estate - Golden Valley, AZ
The Grit and Gratitude Agent

Yes the old adage comes back "Save and save often."

Feb 02, 2023 05:19 AM
Craig Daniels
Tech Training for You! - Staten Island, NY
Technology Instructor/Project Consultant

Oh no  Rocky! I've seen this too many times to not caution people of it's possibility. It's a dreadful thing when people haven't considered the outcome should it happen. Working with video files now (Mr. video podcaster dude) will take some bigger data requirements (that's part of the investment). A 1 TB cloud storage should do well to hold all your main data requirements, personal and business. For your videos you may need either a good and large external drive or perhaps even a NAS device. I hope your recovery goes well!

Feb 02, 2023 05:20 AM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

I am nowhere near as wise as Craig Daniels, at least when it comes to technology, but long ago my solution for that was to store everything on a portable hard drive.  I am not all that trusting of the cloud.  Having everything on a portable hard drive allows me to operate from any device I choose to do so!

Feb 02, 2023 06:01 AM
Craig Daniels

Brian England - while portable is nice, portable is also vulnerable to dropping. one drop of an external hard drive and I cringe at your look when it no longer boots. (I ALSO have seen this happen more times than I'd like when people tell me that it happened) Portable SSD should be more rugged and may be worth looking into.

Feb 02, 2023 06:50 AM
Brian England

I never really thought about that Craig Daniels and I hope that it never happens, haha.

Feb 02, 2023 06:52 AM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky....Like in The Graduate...I'll give you one word and it's not Plastics. It's REDUNDANCY.   I do have an external harddrive but I also have cloud storage and other backups as well. 

My IT guy (Larry) was forced to sign a certificate saying he would never again work on my laptop without removing the battery first less it fry the harddrive (which he has done.) 

Feb 02, 2023 10:16 AM
George Souto
George Souto NMLS #65149 - Middletown, CT
Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert

Rocky I should say sorry that happened to you, BUT you were warned!!!

Feb 02, 2023 04:11 PM