Payroll Taxes - Why Taxpayers Get in Trouble

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Salt Lake City, Utah - What do you think about “deadbeat taxpayers”? Many people in Salt Lake City, Utah and Southeastern Idaho that know do but do not really understand why I choose to work with taxpayers with tax problems. In my experience most of these so-called “deadbeat taxpayers” are good people who have had difficult challenges come into their lives. Bankruptcy due to crushing medical debt, loss of a job, divorce, changes in the economy, etc. Life does not always work out how people want.  Think of the pandemic.  The pandemic changed our lives in ways that we never could have imagined.

One of the biggest tax problems that I see are payroll taxes and small business owners. Payroll taxes are the number one reason why businesses in Utah and Idaho and their owners end up with tax problems. Given that most businesses fail due to cash-flow issues, it is not surprising that taxes collected and withheld by the business are spent on the business and not paid to the IRS.

Tax Attorney, Eric Green, explained payroll taxes are “the easiest loan to take and the hardest to pay back: easy because there are no loan documents to fill out or permissions to ask. Just keep and spend the money. It is the hardest loan to pay back because, with all of the various penalties and interest, the struggling business soon finds itself in a financial hole that it has no hope of escaping."

Why do I enjoy this type of work? It is an amazing feeling to remove the horrible weight of the tax debt, lift the fear and stress from someone's life, and resolve someone's tax issue so that they have no more sleepless nights.  What people don't know is that the IRS has found that about 1 in 6 taxpayers has a tax problem.  That means that someone you know or a loved one may have a tax problem.

If you or someone you know has a tax problem we can help.  Tax problems are legal problems and we solve both.  I can be reached at: or go to my personal webpage for tax related information at: 



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