Properly Managing A Commercial Property: What You Need To Consider

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Property management can be an incredible niche to build a career. The ability to manage commercial and residential properties is invaluable to the owners of these properties. Managing a very successful property that does not ever have vacancies can help you build a reputation. The small details are what really matter when it comes to renting out commercial property. Tenants staying for years will depend on rental prices along with the trajectory of their business. There might even be businesses that expand within the same office park due to massive success.  The following are things you’ll need to consider when trying to manage a commercial property effectively. 

Dumpster Rental

Keeping the grounds of a commercial property clean is so important. You never know when a potential tenant is going to come see a space they are interested in. Having an employee clean the grounds is going to be so important as people litter at massive rates. Commercial dumpster rental can allow the trash to be taken away regularly. If renting to restaurants the dumpster rental is so important as smells can creep into other tenants' office spaces. Dumpster rental is a great option if the property is being renovated to keep the clutter from bothering current tenants. 


The security that a commercial property has is going to be important to renters. A business will not want to rent a space without security as they could have expensive equipment stolen. The other aspect is that information of clients or employees can also be compromised. Security cameras are a great addition along with a security guard. The security fee can be included in the rental prices so do not view this as impacting the bottom line in too large of a way. 

Cleaning Each Space

Having a cleaning crew come into offices weekly or daily can be so important. There are some businesses that clean up after themselves while other offices might look like disaster areas. The background checks of the cleaning crew need to be done. You do not want certain individuals to have access to businesses that might have sensitive information. The cleaning crew can also be hired as a contractor but make sure the company you pick is insured. You do not want to be liable for an uninsured cleaning company having an employee severely injured on the property. 

Create A Streamlined Process For Leasing And Lease Renewal

Leasing and lease renewal should be a streamlined process. Templates can be adjusted for specific lease terms if they differ drastically from other tenants. You also want to make sure that the financials for a potential tenant are healthy. You do not want to have to deal with an eviction as this process can take months depending on the state you reside in. 


Managing a commercial property is going to come with different challenges than if you are managing residential properties. Take the time to manage the small details that matter to tenants to ensure a high rate of signing new leases by current tenants. 

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