Buying a Starter Home instead of a Forever Home

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Forever Home vs. Starter Home. Changing Mindset to Make a Move-Up Move in 5-7 Years. When people are buying their 1st home a term I hear quite frequently is "Forever Home" and understandably so. People are really excited about buying their 1st house and they want to have all the features for the long haul. That 10, 15, 20 years of living in the house. Yet, when you're getting started buying a 1st home there is a "Starter Homes". We call the "Starter Homes" for a reason. That allows a new homeowner get used to monthly payments, unforeseen expenses and then as life changes we use that equity and market appreciation to then go buy "Move-Up" purchase or "Forever Home". So, change mindset about 1st House and maybe it doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles in it but maybe it will be a good home to build some equity so that one in the future. Thanks for tuning and we'll see you on the next one.

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Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker

Great information, thanks for sharing.  I hope you have a great day.

Feb 14, 2023 01:59 AM
Toby Barnett

Thank you for tuning in, Richard. The video has been well received on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Looking forward to creating more intro style videos to go with our marketing mix.

Feb 14, 2023 10:37 AM