8 Commercial Building Trends for 2023

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Commercial building trends change as quickly as the seasons, so it's important to stop and get to know what's going to be big before it becomes overplayed. Whether you're building a multi-home residence or you're creating an office building, it's vital that you stop and consider each of these details.


These are the top commercial building trends for 2023.

1. Energy Efficiency is King

In 2023 energy efficiency is one of the top conversations. Buyers want a property that won't cost too much to heat and light, while consumers want to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible due to recent events. 


Energy efficiency through additional exterior wall insulation, good lighting, and awesome materials will allow your buyers or renters to know their heating and cooling will stay as low as possible.

2. Moisture Blocking Technology

Water is a big issue since it can quickly rust out or rot any property if left unwatched. Researching everything from crystalline waterproofers to moisture-resistant paint can feel like a lot to take on, but it's important to consider.


From the exterior, where you can add drainage that will pull water down and away from the building, to the interior, where you can add floor drains to public bathrooms, don't be shy about creating a structure that won't go under water.


If this is a long-term investment, you don’t want to risk it getting washed away.

3. High-Grade Safety Tools

You want people to feel as safe as possible while they're in your commercial building. Beyond just creating an energy-efficient property, you need to make one that feels secure and protective. This means adding data center fire suppression systems, creating a clear exit to the property to guide people away from high-risk areas, and buying windows and doors that make evacuation safe and easy.


When installing alarms, pay attention to placement and number. You want to make the home as safe as possible, but you also don't want to deal with ten smoke detectors all going off at once over a piece of burned toast.

4. Safe and Durable Flooring

Flooring decides a lot about how people interact with a building. High-quality flooring will convince people that the entire property is high-quality. You need to make sure this flooring can handle a lot of heavy foot traffic and that it's easy to keep clean and looks awesome. Many business owners have turned to stained and polished concrete, which can create an incredible look while being long-lasting and durable.

5. Easy Communication Technology

Communication is a big part of any commercial building. This mainly refers to wifi and the internet in general. Regardless of whether this is a residential or office building, people want to have easy and fast internet access.   When picking where you'll put your building, look for an area that already has a strong connection to this utility.

6. Smart Lighting and Exterior Light

Smart lighting will be a huge deal for energy-efficient buildings in 2023. This is lighting that will dim during the brightest parts of the day while getting brighter in the evening and morning. This allows you to save on energy consumption while also ensuring the lights aren't as painful for employees, customers, and clients.


Utilize exterior lighting as much as possible. Natural light can make a space feel more welcoming and comfortable while also boosting productivity and employee mood.


Any exterior lighting on the property should be set on a timer to turn on when dusk hits and turn off at dawn. This adds a level of security while also showing off how great the building looks.

7. A Superior Foundational System

The utilization of b decking has become increasingly popular in 2023 due to its durability, strength, and ease of installation. Its unique profile allows it to support heavy loads while also providing a stable base for concrete flooring. 


Its popularity has been driven by the need for sustainable and cost-effective building solutions in commercial construction, as well as the desire for structures that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Overall, B decking is a versatile and practical choice for commercial building projects in 2023.

8. Comfortable Common Areas

Common areas are vital regardless of what type of commercial building you're creating. People want to stop and spend time and build connections. This helps them feel attached to one another and creates a relationship between them and the building itself. 


Common areas should be spacious, well-lit, and have access to water and other amenities like coffee or simple snacks, which will keep people coming back for more. These are areas where wifi and internet access should be at their strongest beyond any office spaces.

Commercial Buildings are the Stars of Real Estate

There's nothing better than good real estate catching the eyes of customers and clients alike. Commercial real estate is the shining star of this industry and should be taken seriously when you're looking at your next investment.

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