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Don't Just Hire Anyone!! Ask for references and credentials. Highly important.

Not all Mold Assessors have the same education, training, experience, and expertise. Many companies have a great and effective website for marketing purposes. Many pay Google by the click to be in the first page on top, however, when checking the people doing the project, they lack the correct credentials. How do you select the best medical caretaker in your area? Most likely you spend time doing your research and asking questions and reference. The same applies when selecting your Mold Inspector / Assessor. Do your due diligence so you will not be surprised when receiving your mold assessment report.  Is the selected Mold Assessor has a college degree (Engineering, Chemistry, Biology…). Is he properly Licensed? Does he caries Insurance, does he belong to accredited Mold related associations? How many years of experience? Has he performed large scale projects? Is he the cheapest Assessor in

 town? Does he prepare a mold assessment report or just give you the lab report? So many questions to ask…


INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST personnel are distinguished by their background in Engineering, Chemistry/Biology, Organic Microbial and Residential & Commercial construction and by their extensive theoretical experience with intricacies of structural & environmental issues. Our mold Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing / Mold Sampling, Environmental Relative Moldinex Index (ERMI) test and Mold Assessment is perfect for residential, commercial properties, Medical facilities and Government (Federal & State) who wish to seek out any harmful presence of mold airborne spores or particulate airborne fragments that you breathe. We have a three-phase process when it comes to our mold testing investigations. Our comprehensive Mold Assessment is developed to address the issues and provide conclusions and recommendation to get rid of mold contamination. HIUSA/ IMS uses IICRC S520 (Standard and Reference for Professional Mold Remediation), IICRC S500 (Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damaged Restoration) and ASTM D-7338 (Standard Guide for Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings) for study references. 


Our Mold Assessment and Indoor Evaluation will specifically address the environmental issues identified inside the living space related to moisture intrusion,  levels of airborne mold spores, musty odors and fungal growth. Our Chief State License Mold Assessor Mr. John M. Acaron is the principal and Operations Director of INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST responsible for conducting the Mold investigations. Mr. Acaron staff has degrees in Engineering, Chemistry with minors in Biology as well state licensed Mold Assessors and Home Inspectors with vast experiences in residential design and construction. 

It all begins with an interview with our clients following with our facts finding approach conducting a Mold screening and inspection inside the property inside living space. Instruments such as Moisture meters, Moisture detectors, Infrared Cameras, High power lumens flashlights are normally use to for the investigation. A series of  samples may be conducted such as Indoor Air Quality sampling, Bi-O-Tape Lift sampling, SWAB sampling, Bulk sampling, Cavity sampling, Dust sampling and Laboratory testing. The number of IAQ samples are dependent on the size and configuration of the building and other living area under the HVAC system.   An average number of IAQ air samples ranges from 5 to 8 on an average home or office. It is important to have enough data point to be able to professionally ascertain what is going on inside the living space. Taken less than required number of samples can jeopardized the end analyses results giving misleading information. 


The purpose of a mold testing/inspection is to determine the presence of mold spores in an indoor environment. Our mold IAQ test will determine what kind of mold genus is present, the (raw count) amounts found in the air and if the number of spores found are normal for that environment or elevated. The number of IAQ samples are dependent on the size and configuration of the building and other living area under the HVAC system.   The IAQ test will be performed in accordance to the strict guidelines and protocol established by IAC2, IAQA, EMSL, PRO-LAB and ESA organizations.


Our Final Mold Assessment report will be based on the EMLS Laboratory data results, the Science of the building/house, interview with the client and the Mold Inspection / Mold Screening as well as the age of the building.  HIUSA/IMS will compiled & analyze the data obtained to arrive to a recommendation to address the issues inside the living space. HIUSA/ IMS uses IICRC S520 (Standard and Reference for Professional Mold Remediation), IICRC S500 (Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damaged Restoration) and ASTM D-7338 (Standard Guide for Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings) for study references.

Any question regarding Mold Inspections, Mold Assessments and or PRVs or to schedule an appointment call 352-633-3591 or visit us at: www.INDOORMICROBIALSPECIALIST.com or HOMEINSPECTORUSA, LLC


MOLD INSPECTIONS & MOLD TESTING. Two offices to serve you: The Villages & Gainesville, Florida. We service from Orange County to Alachua County Florida and everything in between. (The Villages, Leesburg, Wildwood, Summerfield, Ocala, Gainesville, Newberry, Micanopy, Mount Dora, Crystal River, Lady Lake, Clermont, Orlando, Eustis, Micanopy, Tavares among other cities).

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Mold inspections are essential to identify and address mold issues in your home. Selecting a qualified and reputable mold inspector can help ensure the safety and health of your living environment. Make an informed decision based on credentials, experience, and professionalism.






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Ensure that the mold inspector has liability insurance. This insurance provides protection for both the inspector and the client in case of any accidents or damages during the inspection.


Sampling and Testing:


Inquire about the methods the inspector uses for sampling and testing. A good mold inspector should follow industry-standard procedures and use reputable laboratories for analysis.



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