Angels Among Us

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What you are about to read is true.

A friend of mine works as a Security Officer at an apartment building.  One night recently he recieved all call from one of the residents.  The resident asked if he could call an ambulance because she was having trouble breathing.  He said of course and waited by the locked entrance to let the EMTs in.

Soon the ambulance arrrived and my friend let them in.  He remained by the entrance to wait for the police and fire departments that he knew surely would be on the scene shortly.  Before these other emergency responders arrived my friend received another call from the resident in trouble.

They asked if he could come up and let the EMTs in because the could not get up to open the door.  About this time the fire and police arrived so they rode up the elevaotor with my friend.  My friend opened the door to the apartment only to discovered that the security chain was latched.  One of the firemen asked the resident if they could unlatch the chain.  The response from inside the apartment was no.  The fireman then asked if the resident was near the door because they were going to break it down and did not want to hurt them.  The answer from inside the apartment was no.

After several attempts to break through the chain, bolt cutters were used to cut the chain.

As the emergency personnel entered the apartment they could see the resident face down on the floor.  The EMTs said they were too late there was no life left in the body on the floor.

Everyone left with the lifeless body and my friend went back to his regular duties.  Soon, the EMTs returned to retrieve some of their equipment.  One of the EMTs began to tell my friend that they had been an EMT for many years but had never seen a case like this one.  My friend asked what they meant.

The EMT asked, You heard the victim talking from inside the apartment right?  My friend said yes of course along with about 7 other emergency responders.  The EMT continued.  The ER doctor thinks we are all crazy.  My friend asked my did the ER doctor thinking that.  The EMT said the doctor told them that the victim had been dead for over 2 hours.  The EMTs told the doctor that could not be that they had heard the victim speaking just 10 minutes before.  The doctor said that was impossible based on the skin temperature and color.  There was already stiffening of the joints.

My friend said we all heard the voice from inside the apartment and I even talked to them on the phone twice.  The EMTs and my friend then began to search for the phone used to call for help.

There was no phone to be found.  Not a cell phone, not a cordless phone, not a regular phone.  No phone anywhere. 

Then who made the calls.  Who was speaking from inside the apartment.

As my friend was about to leave he noticed that there were angels all around the apartment.  Some paintings of angels.   Some statues of angels.

My friend shook from goose bumps.

There was no rear exit, except a 10 story drop over the balcony.  And no one left through the only door. 

Could an angel have made the phone calls and talked to them from behind the chained door?

You can believe what you want to believe.  I know what I believe

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