February - Top 3 Paint Colors

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Another month down another 3 paint colors I have been loving that I get to share.

February has been a quick one. I mean yes it's a short month but I swear it went fast. 

If you are in the New York /New Jersey area then you know how wacky the weather has been. February certainly did not feel like the normal cold winter February that we are used to. As a matter of fact, it hasn't felt like the usual winter coldness we tend to see. 

As a warm-weather gal, I'm not complaining at all. Though today is a bit of a different story,  on the last day of February winter finally showed up and blessed us with some beautiful snow. ( I'm ok with it because I know it won't stick around too long).

Before I keep rambling on about h the weather let me get into the fantastic paint colors I have to share.

There is no real reason why I picked these three colors for February. Possibly because they give me some winter vibes? Sure let's go with that.


Lazy Gray is anything but lazy. This Sherwin-Williams color is a cool-toned gray that is more in the medium-toned arena. It has lovely blue undertones that provide it with gorgeous cool tones. 


This is such a fun and beautiful dark green paint color. For being on the darker side, Sherwin Williams Pewter green is quite soft and calming. It has an elegance that it brings to any space it's in. This is a fantastic cool toned dark green paint color. Additionally, this is a fantastic paint color to pair with dark wood!


Benjamin Moore's Soft Chamois, in my opinion, is such an underrated paint color. This soft off-white is the perfect light, nearly what neutral paint color. Though it is a warm-toned color, I feel it has a good balance of cool tones in it to keep it from looking too warm. This is an absolutely amazing color. 


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Good evening Cate,

Interesting shout out for your favorite's always easier to tell when up on the walls with the light of each home.....I'm sure they are all three beautiful colors in the right home.

Feb 28, 2023 04:35 PM