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One of the most popular home improvement tasks is remodeling a bathroom. In reality, the bathroom is the home's most frequently renovated space. More than 14 million bathrooms are reportedly renovated by residents each year.

So, when you decide to remodel your bathroom, it's likely you want to improve its functionality and quality. However, you'll also want to add your own flair and distinctive style to this home remodeling job. Like any other room in the home, a remodel should incorporate your favorite motif as well as colors and shapes that represent your personal style.

In light of this, let's look at some chic bathroom renovation ideas. Our goal is to demonstrate how beauty, style, and functionality can work together to change an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

Let these seven bathroom remodeling ideas serve as motivation for your own project.

Install a stylish floating bathroom vanity

1) Consider Floating Vanities  

A floating vanity's angular design typically leans toward contemporary style, but the storage option is fantastic for saving space and offers lots of customization options. Any preferred design can be accommodated by the faucets, sinks, and hardware.

Wall-mounted vanities come in a broad range of arrangements. A full unit with a sink, countertop, and storage space is included. Consider it to be an upright vanity without legs.

You can also select completely separate pieces or only a portion of a set. This makes it possible for you to choose your preferred arrangement, such as the size and shape of the countertop or the kind and position of storage. The benefit of a floating vanity is that you are not constrained by the area around the plumbing.

When it comes to where to put storage cabinets, you have a lot of choices. For instance, they can be positioned higher or lower and laterally or vertically on a wall.

Install a freestanding bathtub or tub in your new bathroom

2) Install a Freestanding Bathtub 

For any bathroom, freestanding bathtubs provide a striking aesthetic effect. They don't require any extra framework, which reduces installation costs and time. Another benefit is that, unlike inset bathtubs, they don't require the hob to be tiled around them.

Due to their elegance and timeless appeal, freestanding bathtubs are popular among homes. They are simple to reface as well.

Other benefits of a freestanding tub include the following:

  • Easy Install – When compared to a built-in tub, they are particularly simple to install.
  • Creative Placement – With a freestanding tub, you can be more inventive with how you use your area.
  • Versatile – A freestanding bathtub can be used with almost any décor or style.
Upgrade your bathroom toilet to a new style

3) Upgrade the Toilet 

Utilize this chance to consider style when remodeling your bathroom's commode. Instead of using a standard commode, choose a more luxurious model.

Including a toilet is one option. More choices exist for upgrading your toilet. Manufacturers of toilets, for instance, incorporate heated seats, self-cleaning, automated flushing, and smart technology into their toilet designs.

Install a new steamy shower in your bathroom

4) Spruce up Your Shower

Who wouldn't want to practice self-care in their daily lives? What better method to accomplish that than by switching out your regular shower for a steam one? At home, treat yourself to a spa-like experience.

Some steam baths go so far as to include WiFi, aromatherapy, and other cutting-edge amenities.

With how calm and relaxed you'll feel from your improved shower experience, you're sure to get over the stress of this additional expense more quickly. A steam shower may cost more to add to your bathroom remodel.

5) Do More with Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you want it to make you feel happy and give you energy for the rest of the day. You could also use it to relax and get ready for bed. Because of this, choosing the right illumination is crucial to creating the right atmosphere.

If the only light source in your bathroom is above the vanity, you're not getting the complete impact that lighting can provide. If you install ambient lighting fixtures in your bathroom, for instance, consider how much more you will appreciate this room.

Consider installing accent lighting in your restroom. The aesthetics and utility of the area can both be improved by this kind of illumination.

Granite Quartz Countertop Options to Upgrade Your Bathroom Counter

6) Install Granite or Quartz Countertops 

Two of the toughest and most scratch- and stain-resistant natural materials are quartz and granite. Additionally, Granite and Quartz are non-porous, making them incredibly easy to clean and less prone to fostering bacteria, which is important in damp environments.

The additional advantages of quartz are:

  1. It’s stylish
  2. It’s extremely durable
  3. It’s available in a variety of colors
  4. It can be manufactured to have a uniform appearance
  5. Repairs are easier than for many other materials
Install a Backlit Mirror for your bathroom remodel

7) Install Back-Lit Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

According to Houzz, during a primary bathroom renovation, about three-fourths of homeowners install new mirrors, with lighted models being the most common.

Medicine cabinets are resurfacing and being reimagined as a sleek, seamless, bespoke mirrored cabinet design. Even better, try with backlit or automatic lighting, beautifully framed options, and recessed designs for your medicine cabinets.

“Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are an exceptional choice for modern bathroom design,” says Linda Yang, senior staff designer at Robern.

Instead of additional glare or reflections on the mirror, you can choose ambient illumination, which can also serve as a nightlight when dimmed.

Medicine cabinets have the functional benefit of concealing necessities while not adding weight to a spacious bathroom.

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