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The 26 Best Real Estate APIs for Your App in 2023

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Real estate apps are better with data. 

Home buyers want information to be confident in their offers.

And home sellers need knowledge to set the best prices.

Real estate APIs help real estate apps and websites win customers by providing the data they need. 

What Are Real Estate APIs?

Real estate APIs provide fast and reliable real estate data from various sources to power real estate websites and apps.

The data can include:

  • Real estate listings
  • Nearby shops and restaurants
  • Transportation information
  • Neighborhood boundaries
  • Local schools

Most data available online about a property or the surrounding community is now provided via API.

Is There an API for Real Estate Listings?

MLS Router is a comprehensive API for real estate listings from MLSs across the U.S. and Canada that allows developers to incorporate up-to-date property data for apps on any platform.

How Can Real Estate APIs Help My Business?

Real estate companies are constantly providing more and more data. 

APIs and real estate websites can empower your clients with knowledge and help you generate new business. 

26 Best Real Estate APIs for Your App in 2023

Real estate APIs help developers and real estate professionals get the data they need to build a robust platform. We’ve collected some of the best from around the web.

Do you have a favorite real estate API? Let us know in the comments.

1. MLS Router API

MLS Router API provides nationwide access to property listings in the U.S. and Canada via MLS data feed. RESO certified and MLS compliance capable, MLS Router is a comprehensive data service that includes:

  • Listings data
  • Open Street Map
  • CRM Data IO
  • CDN Service
  • Market Statistics
  • Demographics Data
  • Neighborhood Data
  • Open Houses

MLS Router supports real estate app development with headless architecture.  

2. Yelp Fusion API

Yelp Fusion API allows you to pull data about places of interest and show them on a real estate property map or individual listing pages. Yelp Fusion provides attributes for millions of businesses around the world. Available data include:

  • Business Name
  • Location and Contact
  • Price Information
  • Customer Reviews
  • Website
  • Photos

Yelp Fusion provides up-to-date access as new reviews and photos are added. 

3. Walk Score API

Walk Score API grades locations by walkability and provides this information in a data feed for apps and portals. By providing the distance to local amenities, public transportation options, and bike infrastructure, Walk Score API can give robust context to a real estate listing or rental. 

Walk Score API location information includes latitude, longitude, and address, and returns the corresponding data in JSON or XML. 

4. GreatSchools API

GreatSchools API provides comprehensive data on K-12 schools throughout the U.S. The GreatSchools ratings include grades for college readiness, test scores, equity, and student progress. Other data included in the data feed are:

  • School Name
  • Location
  • Grade Level
  • Reviews
  • Public or Private
  • Contact

By providing the address of a property or home, users gain access to a vast dataset of nearby schools. 

5. Realtor Property Resource API

Realtor Property Resource is a comprehensive database of property, school, demographic, neighborhood, and tax data provided exclusively to real estate agents by the National Association of Realtors. Offered exclusively to NAR members, RPR helps agents stay informed about the real estate market, identify trends and share data with clients.

Marketed as the nation’s largest property database, RPR includes property listings from hundreds of MLSs across the U.S. with open houses, virtual tours, and valuation data.

6. Census Economic Indicators API

The Census Bureau’s Economic Indicators API allows users to pull monthly and quarterly data for various measures of U.S. economic activity including several directly related to real estate. Collected from nationwide surveys, the data include new residential construction, vacancies, home sales, and other statistics that give context to local markets. 

Like other government data providers, Census offers access to its Economic Indicators API free of charge. 

7. Census American Community Survey API

If you’re not able to find the data you need from the Economic Indicators API, you can check the American Community Survey API, a vast dataset of demographic, household, and social statistics for communities around the nation. The ACS data includes household characteristics such as Internet usage, heating fuel, and homeowner or renter status. It also includes the year built, year householder moved in and estimated homeowner costs.

The ACS data is updated annually and contains some of the richest profiles of community life in the U.S.

8. Foursquare Places API

The Foursquare Place API enriches maps and locations with data on more than 100 million points of interest around the world. Each Foursquare place includes information such as: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Website and Social
  • Crowd level
  • Price
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Tips

Powered by consumer check-ins, the Places API data updates continually with new insights.

9. Risk Factor API

Risk Factor API provides an assessment of environmental risk for more than 24 million properties around the U.S. Itr takes into account climate models to rate a property’s exposure to flooding, fire, and heat in current and future conditions. 

The Risk Factor API includes data on:

  • Estimated flooding
  • Likelihood of wildfire
  • Estimated extreme heat days
  • Cost of damages
  • Cooling costs

Risk Factor helps real estate owners, investors, and agents understand environmental risk and preserve value. 

10. Climate Check API

Climate Check API allows users to pull data on heat, precipitation, drought, flooding, and fire hazards based on address. The data includes the number of extreme heat days, annual risk of burning events, number of high wind, wet or snowy events, water supply stress, and coastal, surface, and other flooding. The ratings are relative to other addresses in the U.S. and incorporate the change in risk through the year 2050.  

11. Google Maps API

The Google Maps API powers real estate portals on websites across the web. Google Maps allows users to add map layers on their site and customize them with listings and other data. With information on millions of businesses and places, as well as imagery and photos, Google Maps remains one of the most important data sources for real estate professionals. 

12. INRIX Drive Time API

The INRIX Drive Time API helps users measure commutes by estimating travel times in minutes rather than miles. Drive Time data uses typical traffic patterns to provide driving estimates by time of the day and day of the week. The Drive Time API can be used to generate listing map searches based on how long it takes to arrive at a particular location. 

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