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NH Seacoast Sellers Need To Remember Two Things This Spring

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2 Things NH Seacoast Sellers Need To Know This Spring2 things NH Seacoast sellers need to remember

A lot has changed over the past year, and you might wonder what’s in store for the NH Seacoast spring housing market. If you plan to sell your house this season, here’s what real estate experts say you should remember.

1. Houses That Are Priced Right Are Still Selling

Houses that are updated and priced at their current market value are still selling. Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist at Zillowsays:

“. . . sellers who price and market their home competitively shouldn’t have a problem finding a buyer.”

The need to price your NH Seacoast house right is essential today because the market has changed so much over the past year. Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at realtor.comexplains:

“With a smaller pool of buyers today and more competition from other homes on the market, homesellers will likely need to adjust their price expectations in the market this spring.”

While this spring housing market is different than last year’s, sellers with proper expectations who lean on a real estate expert for the best advice on pricing their house well are still succeeding. And that’s great news if you’re thinking about selling.

The median price for a house in the NH Seacoast was $637,000, up 4.1% from the same period in February 2022.

NH Seacoast median single family home prices

2. Buyers Are Still Out There

As mortgage rates have risen and remain volatile, some buyers have pressed pause on their plans. But there are still plenty of reasons people buy NH Seacoast homes today. Lisa Sturtevant, Chief Economist at Bright MLSspells out the mindset of today’s buyers:

“For some buyers, higher mortgage rates simply means buying a home is out of the question unless home prices fall. For others, higher mortgage rates will be a hurdle but ultimately will not keep them from getting back into the market after sitting on the sidelines for months.”

If you’re interested in selling your NH Seacoast house this spring, working with an experienced and local real estate agent who can help connect you with buyers ready to purchase a home is essential. Ann Cummings and Jim Lee are Portsmouth, NH, residents and have the experience and expertise to get your house sold quickly and for the best price.

Bottom Line

There are still clear opportunities for sellers this spring. If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to make a move, let’s connect today.

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