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The past few years have been gloomy for business owners, with the pandemic slowing down or even permanently shutting down businesses. Attempts to persist during these uncertain times will likely end up in vain, with owners struggling to balance income and costs. In this situation, homeowners or business owner can opt to sell their assets through the Fresno auction company. Also known as business liquidation, all assets are sold off in order to settle the companies needs.


On this opportunity, Linda Peltz realtor Fresno discussed the subject with Stephanie and Steven from Fresno Auction Company. This business liquidation company has been handling assets liquidation for 20+ years, mostly focusing on farm and large equipment sales. Moreover, they provide free consultation on whatever you’re trying to liquidate - even your assets at home. Find more on the video below.



What Items Can be Sold in an Auction?

The answer: almost anything! Cars, antiques, jewelries, collectibles and any asset associated to real estate. We’ve also seen a rise in businesses being auctioned by the Fresno auction company. The reasons? Either business hasn’t been doing well or just because the next generation doesn’t wish to take over. 


When the company eventually closes down, how do we deal with all the equipment left behind? Keeping them will incur costs for maintenance and storage, not to mention their values deteriorating over time. A better option is to sell them off for any amount of money they’re worth to buyers in need. By putting them up for auction, you’re targeting the right buyers who are likely paying a better price for your items.

How to Start Liquidating Your Business or Asset

The first step is to seek out a professional business liquidation company.  Most companies like this buy assets at very low prices and resell them to the public. But what if your business assets have the potential to fetch much higher prices? 


Large equipment sales tend to be challenging and time-consuming. This is the reason why most people jump at any opportunity they find and end up selling at very low prices just to get rid of their mental baggage.


If you’ve been to an auction before (or seen one on TV), then you’ll know how exciting it could be. Bidders are gathered in a spot, where they offer their best prices for an item and try to beat each other. Everyone has the same objective - to secure the auctioned goods at a price they can afford.


Everything You Need to Know About Auction Company

If the seller is lucky, his item could fetch a price way beyond expectation. Now compare that to putting the same item for sale on the market at a fixed price. Due to limited exposure to interested buyers, it’ll take some time until someone finally shows up to buy it. By then, the seller could have gotten desperate and decided to cut the price in half just to get it sold.


Selling your assets through the Fresno auction company allows you to meet suitable buyers, thus saving your time and money.

Let Fresno Estates & Auction Company Help You

With a long history of successful sales, you don’t need to look further for a business liquidation company. They’ve conducted numerous large equipment sales, helping business owners get back on their feet after a stressful shutdown of their firms. Being a family-owned Fresno auction company, they strive to be compassionate and to provide you with the best solutions.

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