New Build Must Haves for Residential Homes

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Building residential homes is one of the best ways to make it big in any economy. Whether you're creating luxury properties or small single-family houses, it's important to stop and plan every detail to make sure you're luring buyers in.


These are the top new build must-haves for residential properties and why they matter so much!

1. A Cozy Entertaining Space

More people want to welcome friends and loved ones into their homes again. Entertaining is a large part of home ownership, giving you a chance to show off while also helping your friends have fun and relax. 


Your entertaining space can be indoors if you build an open kitchen and living room, but most prefer to make this an outdoor space. This means a deck or patio in the backyard, attractive greenery, and possibly a fire pit to draw eyes. Build an area that will inspire people to spend time together and strike up fun and interesting conversations.

2. A Roof That Will Last

Whether you’re into a wood shake roof vs. shingles, it's important to stop and pick a roof that will last. Go for color and style that blends in well with whatever type is popular where the home is being built, but make sure the material is high quality.


When well-cared-for, wood shake is an excellent material. You can also consider slate, which can last up to a hundred years when well maintained, is heat and moisture-proof and looks amazing on any house.

3. The Best Siding to Protect Your Property

Your home's siding needs to protect your home! The difference between steel and vinyl is as big as the difference between soffit and fascia once you get down to the details. Many are surprised that steel siding is becoming popular in residential properties, but most companies that sell it are able to make it look like any other kind of siding while still lasting and looking great.


Your property's siding has to be able to handle wind, water, insects, noise, and more. Buyers who are buying a new property are more likely to be skeptical of a property and nervous that they're getting ripped off. It's vital that you use high-quality materials that will last.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a conversation that's not stopping any time soon. People want to feel comfortable with their relationship with the environment, and want to avoid spending too much money on electricity every month.


To make an energy-efficient property, it needs to be as air-sealed as possible, have excellent insulation, roofing, siding, and windows: and understand the power of natural light. 

5. Luxurious Details

Luxury is something that might not feel worthwhile when designing a home for someone else, but it can make a huge difference in a buyer's perception of the property. If you add luxurious details, they'll be able to feel like they're buying an incredible property that will boost their social and financial standing.


Things like heated floors, stone-on fireplace designs, and smart lights and blinds are inexpensive swaps that can boost the feeling of the entire home.

6. Moisture Blockers

If you're building this property anywhere in the United States, you need to stop and consider moisture risks. Nearly a sixth of all American properties are at risk of flooding within the next decade, which is a scary statistic to consider. 


Take steps like looking at XPS vs. EPS, and consider whether the home needs a crawl space to keep it up and away from any extra moisture. Add drainage within the yard itself, and take the time to hunt for water-resistant materials.

7. Silence and Comfort

Silence is an awesome thing that more buyers are looking for in their homes. They want to feel relaxed and like the world has slipped away the moment they get home. This means stopping and building in lots of insulation, looking at sound-dampening materials, and paying attention to the placement of properties.


The right materials can block out sounds, with details as important as Hardie board vs. wood siding making a large difference.

8. Easy Ways to Maintain and Clean

Most people don't have the time to stop and deep clean their homes in the modern day. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean their homes will magically clean themselves. Avoid any materials that will be difficult to clean, and consider how cleaning will work when designing the layout of the house.


Of course, anyone can hire a cleaning service, but nobody wants a house full of tile with grout that has to be scrubbed more than once a week to stay white.

Every Home Should Be a Dream Property

Whether you're building this home for yourself or you're creating homes to sell, it's vital that you make properties that speak to buyers. Consider updating your building plans soon!

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