9 Trending Projects Ideas to Boost Your Homes Value

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With the housing market becoming more unstable and many property owners unsure about what step is next: it's important to make your property as valuable as possible. Regardless of how rough the market is, you can still build value into your home and make it a space someone will want to buy.


These are nine trending projects that will boost your house's value and help you sell at a far better price.

1. Boost Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been a hot topic for the last thirty years and is a complex idea that needs to be individually decided upon for each property. It's worth it to stop and look at what ways your home could become more energy efficient.


Look for things like air leaks around windows and doors, check your insulation levels, and look at the age of your HVAC system itself. These steps can help you create a home that's comfortable and welcoming.

2. Remember Good Drainage

Drainage is one of the most important parts of any home in the 2020s. Over 14% of properties are at risk of flooding before 2030, so it's vital that you do your due diligence and take steps to avoid your property being another statistic.


Drainage in your lawn can help pull water down and away, so it's no longer standing in areas it usually gathers. You can also add drainage, like a sump pump, somewhere within your home and basement to take moisture out there.

3. Keep Volume Down

Noise is a big deal that's often played down. People don't want to live next to busy highways or high-traffic businesses because they worry about all of the noise that would leak into their homes 24/7. 


You can keep the volume down by adding more insulation, using decorative acoustic panels, and checking the seals on any doors or windows.

4. Add Entertaining Space

Entertaining is the best part of owning a home since you get to share your property with your friends and loved ones. Create an entertaining space if your home doesn't have one yet. This might mean a large porch or patio or opening your kitchen up to your living room, so there's a more open flow. 

5. Create a Welcoming Kitchen

Beyond taking out that wall between your kitchen and living room, there's a lot you can do to make your kitchen pop. This is best done by creating a kitchen that's as welcoming as possible. Avoid all-white since the style is changing. White is still lovely in kitchens, but more natural wood tones are coming back and making a great statement.

6. Update Your Siding

Your siding is the final line of defense between your home and the weather outside, so update to strong siding buyers will be excited about! Avoid going for plain white in 2023, where more earthy tones are king. 


Right now, more cozy browns, greens, stone veneer siding, and warm grays are making a big splash in the design world and continue to be the style that designers are reaching for. Going for a vinyl shake siding installation can also make it stand out!

7. Make Your Porch Feel Like Home

When you get home from work, or you have a guest visiting, walking to your front door should feel like taking a physical weight off the day. This can mean updating the housing numbers and paint color or even adding a rustic porch ceiling that lends the area a more homey feeling.


Use a cohesive color scheme that encourages people to stop and sit for a moment. You can take this further by including comfortable seating, beautiful plants, and warm lighting.

8. Check Your Roof’s Age

How old is the roof on your home? The older it is, the lower your property value will go. If you want to keep your home's value up, check your roof's health and age, and consider updating it. A slate roof can last up to a hundred years when well maintained, looks incredible, and is accepted by most HOAs.


Try to get something that will make the house stand out while also fitting into your budget.

9. Invest In Your Garage

Investing in your garage would have been a silly idea even ten years ago, but with every inch of space mattering, an updated garage is a game-changer. Not only does replacing your garage door add a higher return on investment of any home update, but it also ensures this space is safer and more air and moisture tight.


You should also consider adding some color to this room, like Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore, which will give your garage a warmer and more welcoming look for buyers,

You Can Boost your Home’s Value in No Time!

Whether this is your first home and you want to avoid losing out on your investment, or you're trying to sell a family home you've had for years: you can build value in it. Follow some of these tips and watch your home's value skyrocket.

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