What to Ask a Realtor?

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When selling a home, your real estate agent can significantly affect your success. Unfortunately, many sellers do not take the process seriously enough. The listing agent controls much of the home-selling process.

Making the correct choice entails doing research and asking the right questions. You could be stuck with an unpleasant experience without finding a realtor with the proper credentials.

We will look at all the essential questions to ask a Realtor when selling a home. Following the guidance will make you less likely to regret a choice.

How Many Years Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

It is essential to have an experienced real estate agent. An experienced Realtor can help navigate the real estate market and guide you through selling your home.

They will know the current market trends, how to set a competitive price, and understand the legal and financial aspects of the sale.

In addition, an experienced Realtor can advise on how to prepare your home for the market best, have access to a network of potential buyers, and have the skills to negotiate the best price for your home.

They will also be able to anticipate and address issues through many years of experience that may arise during the sale.

Having an experienced real estate agent on your side increases your chances of success. It is also essential to have someone full-time. Don't settle with your most significant asset.

If you have a specific life circumstance you're going through, such as divorce, you may want someone with that experience.

How Many Homes Do You Typically Sell Each Year

Having a decent amount of home sales each year is an excellent sign that the real estate agent you are considering has the skills and expertise to do the job.

There is nothing better than a track record of success. While you don't need an agent who sells a hundred homes a year, you should shoot for someone who sells 25-30. That would be a little over a couple each month.

A healthy number of transactions shows that the agent is pricing homes accurately and marketing well.

It shows they can handle issues and keep the sale on track.

Lastly, having a good track record of home sales demonstrates that the Realtor has the knowledge and resources to help you maximize the sale of your home.

How Will You Market My Home?

Effective marketing is crucial to securing a successful sale when selling a home. A good Realtor should have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes online and offline methods.

Online methods include listing the property on their and other popular real estate websites, creating virtual tours, and creating social media campaigns.

For these marketing activities to occur, an agent must have exceptional photography. You should never settle for anything less than professional taking pictures of your home.

A real estate agent should not take photos!

Offline methods include creating beautiful color brochures, hosting open houses, and enlisting the help of other agents to spread the word.

Additionally, engaging in local advertising and creating a mailing of "just listed" postcards can help increase the property's visibility.

By understanding the Realtor’s marketing plan, sellers can ensure that their property is marketed appropriately and effectively.

What are Your Average Days on the Market and List Price to Sale Price Ratio

A real estate agent's average days on the market and list price-to-sale price ratio are essential metrics because they provide insight into an agent's skills.

The average days on market metric indicate how quickly the agent can sell the home, while the list price to sale price ratio provides information on how close to the asking price the home is being sold at.

There are few things more vital than accurate home pricing to get a home sold quickly for top dollar.

Agents who consistently need price reductions are doing their clients no favors. Sellers rely on agents to be accurate with their pricing.

An appropriately priced home shows the agent is in tune with the local real estate market conditions. They know how to find appropriate real estate comps that make sense.

Some agents intentionally overprice a home to increase their chances of getting the listing. Once the contract is signed, the agent will focus on getting price reductions.

These types of real estate agents need to be avoided at all costs.

Others just don't know how to price homes accurately because they use foolish metrics like price per square foot instead of creating an accurate market analysis.

Do You Practice Dual Agency, or Will You Only Represent Me?

Dual agency in real estate occurs when one real estate agent represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction.

A dual agent is detrimental to the seller as the agent’s loyalty is split between both parties. With dual agency, the agent you hired will no longer be able to provide advice because doing so would be a conflict of interest with a buyer.

A real estate agent must remain neutral when representing the buyer and seller, which can be challenging.

It means the agent cannot offer the seller advice on pricing, negotiation tactics, or any other areas where the seller would typically benefit from an experienced real estate agent’s expertise.

Also, dual agency is a conflict of interest because the real estate agent is the only party that benefits. Since the agent will be getting both sides of the commission, they will do and say whatever is necessary to ensure the transaction happens.

Ensuring they will only represent you and your best interests is vital when hiring a real estate agent.

Don't let a real estate agent con you into accepting dual agency. The practice has been banned in several states for good reason.

When is a Good Time to Sell My Home?

The answer to this question will be telling. You want to avoid the real estate agent that always answers "now." This agent is thinking about what's best for them - putting a commission check in their pocket as soon as possible.

You want an agent who will be looking out for your best interests. Someone who will explain the pros and cons of selling at different times of the year.

All real estate is local. What may be good in one location might not be the same in another. It could be possible that right now is a good time to sell, but you need to ensure the agent isn't just giving you lip service.

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling

The interview process with a Realtor is essential to make a wise choice. Ensure you spend ample time with the due diligence process of choosing an agent.

You will increase your odds of success and be happy with who you've chosen.

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