Mortgage Basics and Terms

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If you're in the process of buying a home, it's important to understand the basics of mortgages and the terms that are commonly used. Here is a brief overview of some of the key concepts you should be familiar with:


Mortgage: A loan that is used to purchase a property, which is secured by the property itself.


Term: The length of time for which a mortgage is taken out, typically between 15 and 30 years.


Down payment: The initial payment made by the buyer to go to the purchase price of the property, typically a percentage of the total price.


Equity: This is the difference between the value of the property compared with the outstanding balance on the mortgage.


Principal: The principal is the amount of money that you borrow from a lender when you take out a mortgage. This is the amount that you will be required to pay back, plus interest.


Interest: Interest is the fee that a lender charges for borrowing money. It is generally presented as a percentage of the principal, and it is typically paid on a monthly basis.


Fixed-rate mortgage: This is a type of loan where the interest rate stays the same over the entire lifespan of the loan. This means that your monthly mortgage payments will be consistent, which can make budgeting easier.


Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM): An adjustable-rate mortgage is a type of loan where the interest rate changes over time. This means that your monthly mortgage payments may fluctuate, which can make budgeting more difficult.


Amortization: Amortization is the process of paying off a mortgage over time. As you make monthly mortgage payments, a portion of each payment goes towards paying off the principal and a portion goes towards paying the interest.


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