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Pros and Cons of Electric Fireplaces vs. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

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Bob McCranie

When choosing between an electrical fireplace and a bioethanol fireplace, there are several things to consider.

Homeowners facing these choices should consider the aesthetic and thermal needs of the unit being installed. An electrical fireplace generates the heat needed for the job, but the "fire" doesn't always look realistic.

Also, if this is a back-up heat source in fowl weather, losing electricity in the house also disables the fireplace. To me, this is the largest drawback to a relatively safe choice.

Many run off a standard 110 outlet (US) which could be supplemented by battery back up, but that's a lot more to consider.

One additional benefit is that you can control this system easily. Want to leave home? Turn the electric fireplace off and go.

The bioethanol fireplace burns a clean fuel that doesn't require a flue to the outside. It produces a very small amount of carbon monoxide, similar to a few candles.

It is always recommended that every home have a carbon monoxide detector. These systems definitely put out the heat, and since it's burning fuel, the flame is real.

The problem would be that you have a real flame and real fuel to handle. Overfilling the fuel chamber can cause a fire which would be difficult to extenish.

With these fireplaces you also lose the convenience of being able to turn the fire off and go. You'd need to be around until the fire burned itself out.




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