Small Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades for Any Home in Salem

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The hub of the home for social interaction, speaking with family or visitors, and eating is the kitchen. Family meetings revolve around it as treasured memories are created over traditional foods that celebrate significant events and holidays.

Therefore, when it comes to Salem home remodels, along with the bathroom, the kitchen is the space most frequently renovated. More than 10 million kitchens are renovated by homeowners each year or roughly one in every ten homes. 

Kitchen renovations can increase the worth of your house significantly. When the time comes to market your house, you might be able to recoup as much as 70% of the costs associated with your kitchen renovation.

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8 Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodel Upgrades 

Any style of home can benefit from a kitchen remodeling upgrade to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Let's look at eight easy and useful kitchen improvements that you can make to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional for your household.

Add a kitchen island for functionality, style and adding value to your home.

1) Add a Kitchen Island

One of the best methods to raise the value of your kitchen is by installing a kitchen island.

According to Donald Olhausen, proprietor of WeBuyHousesSanDiego, "Kitchen islands are highly sought after by prospective buyers, tend to add more counter and storage space, and can really make a kitchen feel larger than it is. Additionally, because it's a trend that is unlikely to go out of style, it's an extremely safe investment.

Additionally, by including a kitchen island, you expand your usable area. It can be used for extra storage, seating, and food preparation.

2) Upgrade Appliances

A kitchen remodel is the ideal time to replace any outdated or poorly working appliances. Appliances that are prone to failure are the last thing you want to deal with.

"You will profit for years to come with flawlessly cooked and baked foods if you make an investment in high-quality, high-performance appliances now. Professional-grade appliances will be a huge selling point for any buyer when it comes time to sell your house, according to Liz Walton, design leader and CEO of the full-service luxury interior design company Liz Walton Home.

Stainless steel is your finest option for upgraded appliances. It has long enjoyed enormous popularity. Appliances made of stainless steel will greatly increase the worth of your kitchen.

Avoid investing in the most expensive appliance models if you want to keep your expenditures under control. Consider the broad range of prices for refrigerators and dishwashers, for instance, and stick to a reasonable spending limit.

Utilize the unused corners of your kitchen to add dinning space or seating.

3) Create a Nook

Pay attention to the unused corners in the kitchen as you evaluate the areas of it that you want to alter. Maybe you can turn a tiny empty spot into a lovely nook that you can use for dining or as a kid's play area.

Add some cushions and throw blankets to your nook to increase comfort. You might also install dimmable lights.

Other suggestions for using a kitchen nook include:

  • Use mirrors and antiques to add visual character.
  • Add a show-stopping cat tower
  • Style a corner bar
  • Install a dry bar
  • Construct a decorative shelf

Putting new backsplash has 2 purposes: protection on walls and new design.

4)  Update or Paint Your Cabinets

One of the first things someone will observe in your kitchen is your cabinets. Why not think about updating your cupboards with all this focus and to freshen up the look of your kitchen?

As opposed to choosing a time-consuming and costly replacement, updating your cabinets by painting them is a much more affordable way to refresh your kitchen cabinets. For instance, you could install sliding shelves, update the hardware, or add legs and feet to the furnishings. Another suggestion to improve the aesthetics of your cupboards is open shelving.

5)  Install a Tile Backsplash

Installing a backsplash has two main benefits: it protects the walls behind your countertops and it can be used as a design feature.

Installing a tile backsplash offers both aesthetic and functional advantages, including:

  1. Protects from moisture 
  2. Enhances kitchen décor 
  3. Increases your home value
  4. Makes cleaning easier

It is ideal to use thin-set adhesive to attach the tile to the pre-existing drywall when installing the backsplash. Pre-assembled mosaic tile pieces can be used as a backsplash tile accent.

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Replacing the faucet will enlighten your kitchen space.

6) Replace Kitchen Sink & Faucet

Consider your kitchen's tap as the room's focal point. Additionally, updating the sink and tap will instantly freshen up the look of your kitchen.

A great choice for your new faucet and sink is stainless steel. It is still a very common option for residents. You could also select composite granite, which would enhance the aesthetic allure of your kitchen.

A single-hole faucet, also known as a bar faucet, is a typical style of kitchen tap. They are the ideal choice for a wet bar area because of their narrow body design. Any room in your home with a countertop hole would look great with this specific faucet style.

Pullout spouts have supplanted separate sprayers because they are also fashionable. You might also think about installing soap and water dispensers right next to the spigot.

7)  Create a Multi-Purpose Work Area

A multipurpose workspace like a kitchen remodel might be a great option as more people continue to work from home and telecommute in unprecedented numbers.

Many working homeowners are acclimated to carrying out their job duties at home because it enables them to care for their families while juggling professional obligations. The best way to continue working productively while taking care of domestic duties is to set up a multi-purpose workspace in the kitchen. This makeshift office will unquestionably increase the worth of your house.

Consider using the countertop in your kitchen to add a workstation. By simply modifying a portion of your current countertop to meet your work requirements, you could save money on your kitchen remodel and avoid incurring additional renovation costs.

Give your small kitchen a brand new look with countertops.

8) Install New Kitchen Countertops

You can completely change the appearance of your kitchen by replacing, refinishing, or resurfacing your worktops. You can give your kitchen a stunning new look and raise the worth of your house by updating your countertops.

For kitchen countertops, there are many different materials available in a spectrum of price points. The most common options include marble, quartz, and granite.

Look to 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, OR for Your Next Small Kitchen Remodel

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