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How To Prevent Mold in Your House (The Villages & Gainesville)


How To Prevent Mold in Your House

In a nutshell, the best and most efficient way to prevent mold formation is to ensure that mold  needs (spores, food source, and moisture) are not available.

This means practicing high levels of hygiene at all times and in every part of your house and keeping the R/H below 60%.


Here’s one thing you should do to prevent mold formation inside your house living space:

  1. Minimize the Humidity in And Around Your House.

Moisture is the biggest contributor to mold development. If your home is always warm and humid, then there’s a high chance of mold forming.

Without moisture, these fungi don’t stand a chance of survival. That’s why, if you minimize their moisture supply, you will have reduced the chance of mold formation.

So, where does moisture come from and how can you limit or reduce it? Well, in our day to day lives, we do a lot of things that can increase humidity. Whether the moisture comes from cooking, taking a hot bath, drying laundry, or even sweating, there’s always something/someone pumping moisture into the air. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the presence of moisture in your home.

  • Dry any wet or damp items in the house
  • Fix plumbing leaks (if there are any)
  • Install an exhaust fan to use during and after a bath
  • Try dehumidifying the house or attic every once in a while
  • Improve your ventilation system
  • Avoid having pools of water around your house
  • Directly drain water away from the house
  • Open your bathroom windows during showers (when it’s safe to do so)
  • Ensure there’s proper ventilation in your house whenever you are cooking and so on

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John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA - it is good to have a Certified Master Mold Inspector and Chief Mold assessor among us on ActiveRain. 

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John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA mold is a huge problem in many homes, so thank you for the tips.

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IMS continues to provide value information to all of clients educating them in how to keep their homes and business away from mold development. Thanks for your comment. www.indoormicrobialspecialist.com

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This passage provides practical advice on identifying and addressing the sources of moisture in our homes. It emphasizes the common activities that contribute to increased humidity levels and offers effective solutions to limit or reduce moisture. The suggestions range from simple everyday practices, such as drying wet items promptly and fixing plumbing leaks, to more substantial measures like installing exhaust fans and dehumidifying spaces periodically.

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