Creating a Multigenerational Home in Salina, KS: Tips for Comfortable and Inclusive Living

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Setting up a multigenerational home in Salina, KS, requires careful planning and consideration to ensure the comfort and privacy of all family members. Here are some steps to help you get started

  1. Determine the Needs of Each Family Member: Start by having a conversation with each family member to determine their needs and preferences. Consider factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed, accessibility requirements, and privacy concerns.
  2. Choose the Right Property: Look for a property that can accommodate the needs of all family members. Ideally, the home should have separate living areas or a separate entrance for the elderly or disabled family members. It's also important to consider the location of the property in relation to schools, shopping centers, and medical facilities.
  3. Create Separate Living Spaces: Once you have the property, consider creating separate living spaces for each family member. This could involve converting the basement or garage into a separate living area, or building an addition to the home. The goal is to provide each family member with a private space that feels like home.
  4. Consider Shared Spaces: While separate living spaces are important, it's also important to have shared spaces where the family can come together. This could include a shared kitchen, dining area, and living room. It's important to ensure that these shared spaces are large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.
  5. Plan for the Future: As your family's needs change, it's important to plan for the future. This could involve making modifications to the home to accommodate changing needs or considering alternative living arrangements.
  6. Work with a Professional: Setting up a multigenerational home can be a complex process. Consider working with a professional to help you navigate the process and ensure that all family members are comfortable and happy with the arrangement.
  7. Consider Accessibility: When setting up a multigenerational home, it's important to consider the accessibility needs of any elderly or disabled family members. This could involve installing grab bars in the bathroom, widening doorways, or adding ramps or lifts to make the home more accessible.
  8. Create a Schedule: Living in a multigenerational home can be challenging at times, particularly if everyone has different schedules and routines. Consider creating a schedule that outlines when each family member will have access to shared spaces and when quiet times will be observed.
  9. Communication is Key: Good communication is essential in any family, but it's particularly important in a multigenerational home. Encourage open and honest communication among family members and establish clear guidelines for resolving conflicts.
  10. Set Boundaries: Living in close quarters can be challenging, so it's important to set clear boundaries from the outset. This could involve establishing designated spaces for each family member, or setting rules around noise levels and privacy.
  11. Make it Feel Like Home: While it's important to create separate living spaces for each family member, it's also important to make the home feel like a cohesive unit. This could involve decorating shared spaces with family photos or artwork, or creating a shared garden or outdoor space where everyone can come together.

Overall, setting up a multigenerational home in Salina, KS requires careful planning, communication, and consideration of everyone's needs. By working together and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, you can create a home where everyone feels comfortable and happy.


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