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So you have finally made the decision to sell your home! Congratulations!  After signing the listing agreement you start thinking on how this is going to affect your day to day schedule.  Let's take a look on what it means to put your home on the market.

You have decluttered, removed as much personal  items as possible and cleaned until your own mother wouldn't recognize the place.  Whether you did it yourself, or you opted to have your agent assist you or hired a professional stager, your home is now ready for prime time!

Front DoorAs the market changes you have to decide how much Access to allow to your home!

Perhaps you work away from your home  and can accommodate pretty much all showings within reason.  You provide your agent with a key and set times that you will allow other agents to "show" your home.

1.  Within an hour? Short notice same day showings.

2. With an approved appointment? Specific  time and day approved by Agent/Owner

3. With just a phone call? Known as "Go & Show" Mostly used for vacant or easily accessible homes - no pets to be put away,  no work from home owners,  etc.

4. Limited Access - Time and Day Specific - May limit buyer's schedules and  showings.  No showings when its raining/snowing, only every other day for an hour.  No showings after dark, before 10 a.m. - during my yoga time, breakfast, etc.

Common sense tells you that  the more access you give  to your home with the least  restrictions, the more buyers will be able to view your home.  With the majority of agents using  some  sort of "lockbox"  to "store" your key or locks that permit you to simply enter a code - allowing access to your home has never been easier.  

Some areas use electronic lockboxes with showing services to allow agents and their buyers more ways to access your home.  An electronic record is kept by the lockbox service and/or showing service so the listing agent and/or owner have a record of when the showing starts and when it ends after the request is made via email, text or a  phone call.  Agents either enter a specific code or use facial recognition apps to open the secure electronic lockbox.

Other agents in smaller markets may still use what I call the "locker room" lockbox.  With a set numeric or alpha code these lockboxes remind you of your days back in your youth when you rushed  from your locker in school to get your books or open your gym locker.  The code does not change from house to house and there is no way to trace if the  person entered the home unless they leave a business card or you have video surveillance on your home.  I have seen these lockboxes from the local Home Depot, Menards, etc. even in high end homes!  Really, you gave your listing to an agent that doesn't use the latest technology to safe guard  your home???  Why?? 

Listing agent must be present...ahh  yes - this one is usually seen in bigger cities, or luxury homes.  Despite the fact that any professional agent is vetted by their local real estate state  boards to get  their license, belong to at least their local Real Estate Board, state board and national real estate association, they can't enter to show your home unless the listing agent is there during the showing.  I can understand why but when I see this I immediately feel like  I am not being trusted to show the property - whether its a 200K condo in a major city or a $1M dollar condo or an amazing estate in suburbia....starting with a feeling of mistrust from the very beginning just doesn't make me or my buyers feel warm and fuzzy.

If you live in a place that is high end by all means  put up a video camera but the  vast  majority of real estate agents are not going to show a property to someone who has not been pre-approved by a reputable mortgage company or if its a cash deal - a "Proof of Funds" letter showing a bank account and/or a letter from a private banker for high worth clients.  We can't afford to waste our time showing homes  to buyers that can't afford to buy the home!

Do your listing agent a favor and allow as much access to your home as possible without making it so difficult that buyers and their agents just give up and move on to a different  property.  Are you really sure  you want to sell your home?? Then make it easy to show!



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Jeff Masich-Scottsdale AZ Associate Broker,MBA,GRI
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Thanks for your update Evelyn on the lockbox of all lockbox articles. Great approach. Jeff

Mar 21, 2023 06:11 PM