Alternative to iBuyers - Keep your equity by choosing me

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Alternative to iBuyers - Keep your equity by choosing me.

It's true. ibuyers like 72 Sold, Offerpad, Zillow and Opendoor will NOT give you full market value for your home, in fact, you'll leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table for the "convenience" of a quick sell.

BUT, if you allow me to sit down and game plan with you, I will show you how I can get more money in your pocket, in just as short amount of time and not giving your house away. Here's the drill, a house worth $500k, they'll want to purchase it for 75% of its actual value (if not less). How do I know this? When I sold my home in Chandler a few years ago, I called them, as a "consumer" and they in turn, sent me all their info, marketing and pricing. 

Without exception, they came in 25% below my fair market value. In this scenario, that's $125,000 left on the table! What can you do you with $125,000? Send one of your kids to college. Use it as a down payment on your next home, pay off all your debt. Invest in crypto and bitcoin, the opportunities are endless.

Save your equity, call a 24 plus year, seasoned professional to get you on the path of KEEPING the wealth you built and still get you sold sooner than later. 

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