Personalization Essential for Gen Z’s Online Experience

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Source: Statista


The future of travel will be defined by the next generation and inextricably influenced by their digital environment. From how Gen Z purchases goods and services online to preferred communication methods, if the current trends are any indication, e-commerce will continue to replace physical retail and personalized shopping experiences will become the norm. In fact, a study shows that 61% of Gen Zs expect that all shopping will take place online in the next 10 years and already 45% are likely to leave a website if it doesn’t predict what they like, want, or need. These preferences will have significant implications, not only for how travel retail websites and apps are structured online, but also for the kind of data that businesses will need to collect on users in order to keep up with these expectations.


Infographic: Personalization Essential for Gen Z’s Online Experience | Statista
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