Big Storage Tips for a Tiny Home

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Whether you live in a big, bustling city, a dorm room, or you’ve bought your very first house, you might find yourself in the tight quarters of tiny home living. When you are working with square footage in the low hundreds range, it is important that you utilize every bit of storage you have to keep your small space organized, livable and cozy. While a major pain point may be the lack of closet space or just space in general, there are plenty of creative storage solutions that can easily be incorporated into your home.

Try Out a Pegboard in the Kitchen

Finding a home for bulkier items like pots and pans in a tiny kitchen can prove isn’t always space efficient. Try installing a piece of pegboard on an empty wall where you can hang a few pots and pans and even cooking utensils, leaving your cabinets open to other kitchenware or pantry items. Pete Evering of Utopia Management shares, “We’ve installed pegboards in a few of our smaller units and the response from the tenants is quite positive. It’s a space-saving trick that’s been around for years.”

Is it Storage or a Coffee Table?

Creating storage can often be a trick of the eye. You wouldn’t place a giant clear Tupperware bin filled with art supplies in the middle of your living room, but what if the storage bin didn’t look like a storage bin? Utilize pieces of furniture like chests or cool vintage luggage which make a statement while stealthily hiding your game boards and collection of puzzles.

Utilize Windowsills

Take advantage of all flat surfaces like windowsills which can double as shelves for books, lamps, plants or trinkets.

Seated Storage

Many furniture designers these days have taken the need for storage to mind and have implemented hidden compartments that are virtually undetectable. Consider sofas or ottomans that double as storage to cache away extra blankets and pillows.

Install Shelves Up and Away

Installing wall shelves up high above door frames and windows can be a very clever way to store and hide items that you wouldn’t want resting at eye level. 

More Baskets!

Baskets can be a game changer for storage, especially when you’re dealing with little closet space. Baskets can hold items on open shelves, floors, and cubbies while leaving the items inside out of sight making for a much tidier appearance.

Cover Up with Curtains

Of course, installing shelves or hooks as a makeshift pantry or closet can be a fantastic use for an empty wall in a room, but it can also become unsightly with clutter making the room feel less organized. A tip to camouflaging that clutter is to install curtains that will conceal the storage space. Voila! Clutter be gone!

Fold out Desks

Many people work out of their homes meaning they require a desk, and this can often be a bulky piece of furniture, but it doesn’t have to be! Fold-out desks that are installed to a wall prove to be the perfect workstation during the day and can be easily tucked up and away while not in use.

Utilize the Space Beneath the Bed

While sleek and low-to-the-floor beds are trending right now, it leaves little room for what could be some optimal storage. Shallow plastic bins can easily store winter clothing and be slid beneath the bed over summer. If you have the budget, it may be worth it to splurge on a bed frame that has built-in drawers and storage.

Display your Dishware and Glasses

Kitchens prove to be a pain point when it comes to storage and organization, especially when you are working with minimal cabinet space. Installing shelves for glassware and plates can open up space in those cabinets and maybe inspire you to collect some fun and eclectic dinnerware that would add a pop of color to those shelves.

Give it a Lift

Storage in tiny homes is all about utilizing what little space you have without cluttering. Another trick to achieve a decluttered but efficient space is to mount anything that can be mounted to the wall freeing up surface and floor space. Examples are shelves, nightstands and lamps.

One final tip is to make more space where you can by sifting through belongings and ridding yourself of what no longer is of use to you. This is one surefire way to declutter your home while opening up space for the essentials and items that better serve you and your lifestyle!

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