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6 of 18 Steps Home Sellers Should Expect at Closing


Pensacola, Florida: If you’re a first-time home seller in Pensacola, you probably don’t remember much about the closing process from the seller’s perspective because you were busy learning how to be a first-time home buyer! But, you likely remember there’s a lot to know and prepare for on the closing day.


Closing costs, escrow accounts, title search...remember all of those terms? They’re back, and there’s more to know this time around as the seller. First-time home sellers, take a look at this list to get acquainted with the process. If you haven’t sold a home in several years, consider these steps as a refresher on what to expect during closing. The following is the many things that a seller will go through AFTER the Contract is accepted.


To help you learn or remember the real estate terms used on closing day, read our Home Selling Glossary

Home Selling Beginning Steps

1) For a quick review, closing is the term given to the activities associated with buying and selling a house, from the time an offer is accepted until the buyers and sellers exchange keys on the closing date. Most homes close between 30 and 45 days.

2) You’ll need to open an escrow account early in the home-selling process. An escrow account is a joint account into which both the buyer and seller deposit funds related to the transaction. A professional third party manages the account. Usually, your real estate agent takes care of opening the escrow account for you, but a For Sale By Owner requires the seller to open the account. charles stallions real estate blog

Closing Costs and Fees

3) The closing process can be expensive. You’ll have a choice to pay for closing costs on the day of settlement or have it deducted from the home price. Either way, you should expect to pay 6% to 10% of the final sale in closing fees. We negotiate on the seller's behalf to lessen or do away with most of these fees.


4) The seller typically pays for the listing and the buyer’s real estate agent’s commission, as an example say 6% of the sale. The remaining miscellaneous fees and taxes, from 2% to 4%, round out the total. We save our customers over half these fees or more.


5) Depending on the contract’s negotiations, the seller can pay the escrow fees but also split the costs between the buyer and seller. Your location dictates how much the escrow company charges services, typically about 1-2% of the sale price or a flat fee in the $200-$2,000 range. 


6) In a traditional market, as the seller, you should prepare to pay most of these taxes and fees, but the buyers pick up some specific to their purchase. There are still twelve additional steps that need to be done and we are there every step of the way for our customers.


  • Title search. It ensures the seller is the outright owner of the property and there aren’t hidden claims or liens. In some cases, the homeowner may be unaware of outstanding issues. Depending on the depth of research needed, the search fees range from $150 to $1,000.
  • Title insurance. Buyers obtain an insurance policy to protect themselves from real estate deals gone bad. If there’s a failure to find discrepancies with official documents such as county land records, tax liens on the federal or state level, or in bankruptcy court during the title search, the buyer has recourse. The policy also covers disparities found years later. Title insurance is a one-time fee. 
  • Fees owed on the property. It would help if you accounted for delinquent utility payments, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and HOA fees. It's not uncommon for HOAs to require a payment to transfer to the next owner. It's possible that a portion of these fees can be prorated, depending on your scheduled closing date.
  • Mortgage payoff and/or prepayment penalty. Closing requires a paid mortgage for the property to transfer. Check in with your lender to determine the payoff amount and if they attach liability for early payment. The penalty could come in a percentage of the remaining amount owed or a fee determined by the year the loan originated. (Get more information in Mortgage 101: Your Basic Questions Answered.)
  • Transfer taxes and recording fees. Local laws play a big part in how transfer fees and taxes add up. Transfer taxes are based on the value of the property and how the county/city taxes transactions. The county government typically determines the recording fees, which pay for the administrative tasks of filing the deed. 
  • Attorney fees. Individual states decide whether or not an attorney is required to process closing. Their settlement fee is generally $2 per $1000 of the final sale price. 

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Lise Howe
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Hello Charles, thank you for sharing this. These are very important during closing and we have to keep these in mind. 

Apr 24, 2023 07:07 AM
Ray Henson
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Well done on your summary of the closing process.  It  is always helpful to know what is coming!

Apr 24, 2023 07:11 AM