Unique Community Service Marketing Program

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Here's an interesting marketing idea that I just proved that it works!

Pick a community service that you can do and provide it for free in your markets. It can be anything as long as nobody else is doing it. 

Just make sure you don't forget to tell folks about it and link to your website. 

Then sit back and watch your website traffic grow! This is a total brand awareness program but you can turn the social media followers, called warm leads, into clients.

My example that I relaunched last week:

Surfers are always on the hunt for waves. There are subscription services to live beach cameras (usually with paywalls) but I've been using government or commercial free sponsored live cameras for years. 

But that means you have to go to 20 different websites up and down the east coast of Florida to check the live cameras to see what the waves are like. 

I just put all the free live cameras on my fun webpage [BrownnieBytes.net] and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Then I started doing surf reports and invite viewers to check out the waves for themselves. 

See More [Florida Free Beach Webcams]

The traffic on the webpage went through the roof but my pro bono sponsorship link to my regular business website [RMichaelBrown.com] has grown remarkably. 

You can do something like this without having 2 websites. Just create a page on your regular real estate website. 

So, pick a community service in your market that you can easily provide for free and do it! You'll be surprised at the results.

BTW, not just for surfers. Just heard from a boater - he never goes out in his boat without checking my webpage first.

Your web traffic will go up. Your engagement and followers on social media will go up. And because you're doing something helpful for the community for free that your prospects may care about, they'll contact you instead of your competitor for business. 

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