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Southern Oregon: IRS Resolution Options – Getting into Compliance!

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Welcome to First Response Resolution, LLC’s official blog! We are a specialty tax firm practicing right here near Medford in Southern Oregon. The focus of my practice is solving tax problems for individuals and businesses, IRS Representation of taxpayers, and representing taxpayers before their individual State Departments of Revenue. These services are referred to in many ways such as Tax Problem Resolution, Tax Relief Services, Tax Resolution, IRS Resolution, Tax Controversy, etc. Think of our firm as your Financial First Responders who specialize in saving troubled taxpayers. We help people who are struggling with tax problems get their lives back on track so they can focus on what matters most to them.

If you are struggling with Back Taxes Owed, Unfiled Returns, Penalties and Interest, Tax Liens and Levies, or any other Tax Problem with the IRS, your life can be dominated by the stress that follows. We are well versed in the IRS Collection Procedures and specialize in Solving Tax Problems! In order to reach a resolution with the IRS and settle your tax liabilities for good, you MUST first get into Tax Compliance. The process begins with an initial consultation and interview in which we determine whether or not we should work together to solve your case. If we decide that working together will be mutually beneficial, we will conduct a thorough investigation prior to devising a strategy. This includes obtaining all of your IRS Transcripts, evaluating your history of Tax Compliance and activity, determining your specific financial condition, and identifying the options that are available to you.

When handling a case that involves multiple Unfiled Tax Returns, a carefully planned strategy should be implemented. Timing is key when filing delinquent returns! Before any resolution strategy can be implemented, the tax returns must be completed, and current required payments/withholdings must be made. The tax returns must be processed, and the taxes owed must be assessed before any collection alternatives are available. Working with a firm or a tax professional who specializes in developing strategies to resolve tax problems is essential to get the best outcome available under the circumstances. A practitioner that is worth working with will be able to identify actions that you can take to best position yourself, legally, for the resolution that is in your best interest.

Generally, when preparing delinquent returns, only 6 years of tax returns must be prepared and filed. There are situations where it may be in your best interest to file additional years, such as a prior year’s loss carryforward that would reduce your tax liability. There are also situations where the IRS can require that you file more than 6 years of tax returns, however, this requires manager approval and would be documented in your IRS file that can be obtained through a FOIA request. There are many layers of facts and circumstances that should be evaluated when addressing IRS Problems, things can get complicated in a hurry. Don’t be afraid to inquire about your situation, we offer no obligation consultations. If we determine that the cost of our representation fees would exceed any benefit that you could gain from our services, we will simply point you in the direction of how you can resolve the issues on your own. We DO NOT charge clients who would not benefit from our services and expertise.

The IRS and taxes in general can be complicated and intimidating. If you have received IRS Notices regarding back taxes owed and are facing potential Tax Liens and Levies, it is well advised to seek competent representation when dealing with the IRS. Most people would not go to court and face litigation without an attorney, and it is in your best interest to engage a qualified representative to deal with the IRS on your behalf. If you or someone you know is in the midst of an IRS issue, contact me at either 541-293-8449, by email at zach@firstresponseirs.com, or through our website. We specialize in solving tax problems! We know how to defend taxpayer rights and will thoroughly investigate and evaluate your specific situation and consider ALL OPTIONS available to you. All discussions are kept strictly confidential, and we offer no obligation initial consultations of up to one hour.

Is your agency interested in having me speak to your team of realtors in person or over Zoom at one of your weekly sales meetings free of charge? I have a presentation developed to address the following:

  1. Taxation and your clients,
  2. Tax tips for saving on your own tax returns, and
  3. Tax Problem Solutions.


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