How to Choose Your Lighting for a Bathroom Remodel

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Have you made any changes to your bathroom in the last seven to ten years? Perhaps you intend to do a bathroom remodel in the near future. It's probable that you're overlooking one of the most critical aspects of your home improvement project: bathroom lighting.

A qualified bathroom remodel contractor will inform you that proper lighting in your bathroom is used for both illumination and mood enhancement. When combined with the availability of natural sunshine, the space size, and the chosen color or theme, the type and placement of lighting are key factors of interior design.

Goals of Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom, unlike other rooms in your home, has a specific purpose. For example, you and the other occupants of the house should be able to go about your everyday tasks without having to fumble around due to dim lighting.

Whether your bathroom is huge or tiny, it requires clear and unobtrusive lighting.

The goal of bathroom lighting is to create a pleasant, calming environment. Here is what you should aim to achieve:

  • Ensure equal light distribution.


  • Work with true or warm light colors.


  • Produce a safe lighting layout.


  • Minimize accidental shadows or bright spots.
Strategic bathroom lighting remodel - 3Rs Construction

Strategy for Bathroom Lighting

Consider the quantity of natural lighting you have as a first step in establishing the ideal bathroom lighting. For example, if your bathroom lacks windows, you'll require a brighter overhead light. If there is enough of natural light in the bathroom, you could go for task or accent lighting.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, a good general rule of thumb is to aim for 50 lumens per square foot to simulate natural sunshine. The exact amount of daylight necessary will be determined by the square footage. You want enough light to help you get ready in the morning, but not so much that you're overwhelmed by it when you first wake up.

When it comes to lighting, the best way to approach your bathroom makeover job is from the top down. Make sure, for example, that you have enough light overhead with ceiling lighting.

Then, concentrate on vanity lighting. This is the most important aspect of your bathroom. From a practical sense, task lighting will be what you use the most. It is also the form of lighting that has the greatest options.

Don't forget about your bathroom's nooks and crannies. This is where ambient or additional lighting, such as bathtub or shower lights, can add warmth and personality to your bathroom.

Ambient bathroom lighting remodel in Salem Oregon

Types of Bathroom Lighting for Your Home Remodel in Salem

You may not have given much thought to the many forms of lighting in your bathroom. You just want to be able to make your way to the toilet and shower when you stagger into the bathroom from your bedroom. However, each type of light fixture provides just the right amount of illumination for a specific bathroom function.

The proper illumination improves visibility. With improved visibility comes increased comfort and accessibility, making the restroom environment much more user-friendly.

Here are some of the most important types of lighting to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

This soft, glowing light illuminates your entire bathroom by shining on light-colored ceilings, walls, and other reflective surfaces. The beauty of ambient light is that it casts light across a broader area while remaining dim.

Ambient lighting in the bathroom is often provided by wall fixtures above eye level, such as sconces, or overhead lights with diffused shades, such as flush mounts.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights play an important function in creating a warmer atmosphere in the bathroom. Ceiling lights that are flush against the ceiling and completely contained by diffused glass or shade are available. There are some that are built into the ceiling.

Chandeliers are even available to bring glam and shine to modest bathrooms.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting's purpose is to brighten and create focal areas in your bathroom. You can be imaginative and inventive here. With the appropriate accent lighting, you can transform an ordinary bathroom into a spectacular one.

Accent lighting is distinct in that it uses softer light by reflecting it off various surface characteristics to accentuate or change the overall impression of the bathroom. Accent lighting, with its up-and-down lighting strategies, can enhance shadows to add depth, making the bathroom appear taller or more open.

Types of light fixtures for your bathroom lighting remodel

Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting is made up of several lights mounted on a single bar mount. Vanity lighting illuminates key grooming procedures like applying cosmetics and shaving.

Individual lights have their own shades, and many are angled to point in different directions, allowing you to customize the lighting in the bathroom.

3Rs Construction Pro Tip: For the mirrors, you want a lot of indirect light, but be cautious that too bright bulbs can make sight in the mirror difficult. It would make your morning ritual easier if you bounce the light to brighten the mirrors.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is intended to illuminate tasks in the bathroom that are already illuminated by ambient light. This is targeted illumination that is intended to help you complete a task.

Task lighting is bright and precisely concentrated where it is required. It is supplied by light sources such as track lighting or recessed lighting. They are usually adjustable to point to the working surface or to reflect off of other surfaces.

Install pendant bathroom lighting in Salem OR

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights may add a stylish or even dramatic touch to your bathroom. A pendant light above the bathtub may instantly improve the ambience of your entire bathroom.

Pendant lights can be utilized in the bathroom if they are not too close to water sources.

Recessed Wet Rated Shower Lights

There are lighting fixtures specifically intended for the damp circumstances encountered in a shower. They are typically rated for damp or wet situations and may include additional characteristics to make them more moisture-resistant. These can be a great investment when remodeling your bathroom shower.

Bathroom remodel using pendant lights and recessed wet rated shower lights

Importance of Selecting the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is a particularly utilitarian and practical design challenge. We start and end our days in the bathroom, with the familiar routine that wakes us up from our slumber in the morning and the nighttime rituals that let us rest after a long day.

The optimal bathroom lighting meets the functional demands that occur in the bathroom, such as grooming and bathing, as well as the inhabitants' preferred ambience and aesthetic.

Your bathroom lighting should represent your individual style. It's also critical to have adaptable light sources that can meet the variety of duties conducted in the bathroom.

Next time you embark on a bathroom remodel, make sure to give the necessary time and attention to your lighting strategy. We recommend hiring a good bathroom remodel contractor like 3Rs Construction, who is both knowledgeable and efficient to help you get the bathroom of your dreams.


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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling is the contractor to call. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the appropriate components for your bathroom makeover, such as cabinetry, showers, fixtures, styles, and, of course, the all-important lighting fixtures.

We know how to perform a beautiful, transformative bathroom remodel in your Salem home. Call us at (503) 363-1059, so we can get started on realizing your dream bathroom remodel today!

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