Douglasville Mother’s Day Eludes Disputes (for the Most Part)

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In today’s age of controversy and challenge, it’s a relief to be able to report that the institution of Douglasville’s Mother’s Day remains for the most part above the fray. Unlike many other once-revered holidays, assaults on Mother’s Day are definitely off-limits.

Proof of that is easily provided. Just google ‘Mother’s Day 2023’ and, instead of protest rallying cries and sit-down strikes, you come up with “brunch ideas” and ads for chocolate-covered strawberries. Controversies are for other holidays—although there is a minor one that does seem to be present. It revolves around the date.

The issue is present in Google’s “People also ask” section. That area is populated with Mother’s Day queries like, “Is Mother’s Day the same every year?” The answer to that is a definite, “It is always on the second Sunday in May.”

However, that contention is in direct conflict with, “Why is Mother’s Day different every year?”—the answer to which is, “It falls on the fourth Sunday during Lent, since the date of Lent changes every year depending on the cycle of the moon.”

This could explain why so many questions deal with “two different Mother’s Day”—principally stemming from British customs, the roots of which go back to the early days of Christianity in Britain and “some American woman who was born in the 19th century.”

That’s a reference to Anna Jarvis, whose successful lobbying campaign won the day back in the Twentieth Century. Douglasville’s Mother’s Day has Anna to credit for our local celebration.

Here’s hoping that this Sunday your own family’s Douglasville Mother’s Day is as it should be, clear of controversy and overflowing with the gratitude and love that all Moms deserve (not to mention the brunches and chocolate-covered strawberries). Have a great one!

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