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I’m a marketing pro on a mission to become an authority on Artificial Intelligence (AI) so I can use the tech to help clients with faster and improved marketing and business – with better results.

This technology is having a profound impact on the real estate industry today.

I’m looking forward to us doing this together. Nobody can do it alone. Here’s what I’ve found up to this point.

From predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to natural language processing and chatbots, and visual creation systems, I’ve been searching to understand how these innovations can enhance customer experiences and drive results.

My knowledge is coming from industry experts, attending conferences and webinars, and devouring every bit of content on the subject. I’m pursuing the latest advancements, trends, and case studies to understand how AI can revolutionize marketing strategies and content.

How I’m Using this New AI Knowledge

As I learn these complex AI concepts and skills, I’m working on crafting them into simple, actionable insights and projects for my clients.

Most importantly, I’m trying it out. Learning by doing is the only way with new tech.

I’m experimenting with AI-driven software for marketing content and campaigns, including:

  • An AI video generator called Synthesia. Still a bit robot-like but amazing that it can do it.
  • Learning prompting on ChatGPT (OpenAI) and Bard (Google) to generate more ideas.
  • Creating realistic images and art from a description in natural language with DALL-E.
  • Using SoundDraw to generate custom music for use in video.
  • Multiplying video content with Vidyo.
  • Doing creative headline and keyword research to maximize SEO with VidIQ.

You’ll notice that I’ve focused heavily on video because that is the highest expense and time consuming to produce. Win there, and productivity and cost advance the most.

Poking some fun at myself with this AI generated video. Still a bit robotic but it's come a long way in the last 2 years.

See the full article, video examples, and an outline of AI issues including "Will AI Take Over the World?"

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