Building Your Own Douglasville Home: Eye-Opening To-Do Lists

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For many Douglasville residents, the choice of their next Douglasville home is between existing homes and new ones. For those whose initial house-hunting forays produce little more than sticker shock, there’s a third, less popular option: building your own Douglasville home!

While there are plenty of examples of success for those choosing the third path, by the time that option is move-in ready, the end result may not have significantly reduced the bottom line. Especially now, with supply snags and inflation weighing heavily on construction costs, building your own Douglasville home isn’t a sure way to greatly ease the financial burden. As dozens of online checklists reveal, building your own home involves many more details than just buying a lot and hiring a contractor. Here’s a shortened example of one:

· Define your goals and budget for construction costs, permits, land purchase, and contingencies.

· Research a suitable Douglasville location.

· Hire an architect experienced in residential design.

· Review their plan for functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

· Obtain permits and approvals for site prep, building design, environmental impact, and utility connections.

· Secure necessary financing.

· Identify and interview reputable and experienced general contractors.

· Review the architect and contractors’ production of detailed construction plans that include drawings, engineering specs, electrical layouts, plumbing designs, and all other necessary details.

· Define key milestones and deadlines that will keep construction true to your timeline taking weather conditions and supply chain realities into account.

· Procure materials and hire subcontractors.

· Begin to schedule site prep (may involve excavation, grading, and utility connections).

…and now you’re ready to begin.

Of course, as you probably already imagine, each step in such a list is a highly simplified distillation. Each could head its own subset of steps (which is why working with a pro who has been there before is such a good idea).

When you live through all that’s involved, the developers’ success in producing a finished product becomes significantly more valuable than it might have seemed at first. All things considered, you might rename those DIY homebuilding checklists “In Praise of Developers.”

It’s my job to assist and enable all Douglasville home-seekers—no matter which of the three paths they choose. Call me—you may find there are many possibilities you hadn’t considered!


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