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As we approach the end of the year, it is important to stay up to date with the current trends in the real estate market. One trend that has been affecting both buyers and sellers is the continuous climb of high-interest rates. In this blog post, we will discuss how buyers, sellers, and those with a mortgage can navigate this trend.

Buyers in the market for a new home may be discouraged by the high-interest rates, but there are still ways to make a purchase. One option is to consider a fixed-rate mortgage, which will lock in the current interest rate for the duration of the loan. Additionally, buyers should aim to have a high credit score and a low debt-to-income ratio to secure the best interest rate possible. It is also important to keep a close eye on the market and act quickly when a good opportunity arises. Also, asking your Realtor and lender about "rate buy downs" is something VERY helpful to buyers that not many people are talking about. Buyers are familiar with asking for closing costs, pre-paids, or down payment assistance, but with such high interest rates, sometimes it is a best strategy to see if sellers are willing to buy your interest rate down. This can help lower your payments over the course of the loan and help the buyer to afford "more house."

Sellers should also be aware of the impact of high-interest rates on the market. As interest rates rise, some potential buyers may be deterred from making a purchase, which can result in longer wait times for sellers to receive offers. However, it is important to note that home prices are expected to continue to rise in Oklahoma. This means that even if there are fewer buyers in the market, sellers can still receive a good return on their investment.

For those with a mortgage, it is essential to understand that you can refinance when interest rates drop. Refinancing can allow homeowners to lower their monthly mortgage payments or pay off their mortgage sooner. It is important to “date your rate” and monitor the market regularly to take advantage of the best refinancing opportunities.

In conclusion, high-interest rates can be a concern for those in the real estate market, but there are still strategies that buyers, sellers, and those with a mortgage can use to navigate this trend. By staying up to date with the market and working with a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can make informed decisions and achieve your goals in the current market. 

As an Oklahoman, I continue to see increase in property value, which leads me to believe that even if rates drop, we may not see any substantial hits to the market value of homes. In Oklahoma, there tends to be more "stabilization" of property values, while other states, such as CA, take a harder hit.   I am continuing to pray for lower interest rates so buyers have more buying power.

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