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The Pros of A Staycation

We all dream of getting away from it all and taking the much anticipated VACATION!! There is a lot to say for exploring a new city, beach resort, mountain range, etc. but there are a lot of things to enjoy practically in your own back yard. The "staycation" is used when someone takes time off from their job but does not go away for that time. Instead you stay at home or take day trips that do not require overnight accommodations. 

The advantages are:

  1. Less money- no need to spend money on somewhere to stay
  2. Often you will find activities that are offered yearly or monthly to provide entertainmentfor not just a day but forever.
  3. Time to catch up-finish projects you have been "waiting" to have time to do or spruce up an area to get more enjoyment out of it all year.
  4. Local businesses, restaurants, and activitiesmake you feel more connected to where you live and work. 
  5. Don't have to worry if you left something at home.
  6. No worryabout who can feed the animals you had to leave behind.

And last but not least: Staycations mean you don't have to worry about traffic on the way there or on the way home!!

So if you are looking for a great place to go this summer think about going to your local park, retail store, craft place, antique store that are just around the corner.


For information on where to go and what to do in your neighborhood check out your Town office they usually provide visitor information guides with local or regional events to enjoy.


We would love to show you what there is to do and what places are for sale in Farmville, VA. 

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