Real Estate Roundtable With Jeffrey Frieden -Part 1

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Welcome to "The Power Is Now Real Estate Roundtable"! Get ready for an insightful discussion on Real Estate as Eric L. Frazier, MBA, President and CEO of The Power Is Now Media hosts a captivating conversation with special guest Jeffrey Frieden, the CEO / Co-Founder of F&F Capital Group, Co-Founder of

In this video part-1, Eric L. Frazier and Jeffrey Frieden cover a wide range of topics related to the Real Estate industry. They explore business growth, managing opportunities and trends, and the significance of online marketplaces. Jeffrey Frieden shares his entrepreneurial journey and highlights the success of Ten-x and in revolutionizing the Real Estate industry. The video also introduces Eric L. Frazier's co-hosts, Shelly Pofini and Lou Amaya, who discuss the power of empowerment, leadership, and setting examples in the field.

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Gain valuable insights into the Real Estate market and discover how professionals are leveraging technology for transparent transactions. Join us for this exciting discussion, and thank you for watching "The Power Is Now Real Estate Roundtable"!

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