Summer Is A Dangerous Season For Pets. How To Keep Them Safe All Summer.

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Summer Is The Most Dangerous Season For Pets!

Tips To Keep Your Pet(s) Safe All Summer Long

Although, Summer has not yet "officially" arrived, in Charlotte it's arrived for all intents and purposes. This past week we've seen our temperatures reach the mid-80's. We expect to see high 80's in the coming days and week.  We are talking about a weather forecast that is HOT, HOT, HOT! If it's hot for us humans, it's HOT, HOT, HOT for our pets. Pets are more at risk in the summer months than any other time of the year.


How hot is too hot for your pet? Touch your hand to the ground for 5 seconds.  If it's painful or uncomfortable for you, it's too hot for your pet's paws.


ASPCA's infographic below points out the 5 Summer Dangers For Pets, which include sun and heat, fireworks and thunderstorms, hot cars, toxic chemicals, and parties and barbecues. Following the safety tips outlined in this infographic will ensure that your pets enjoy a pawsitively great summer.



Summer Pet Safety Tips



NEVER Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car

Every summer we hear reports on the news about pets that have perished in a hot car or were rescued from a hot car. Did you know that hundreds of pets die each year from being left in a hot car or from heat exhaustion? 


A car heats up very quickly in the summer heat... don't take chances with your pet by leaving it in the car for even a couple of minutes. If it's  90 degrees outside, your car heats up to 114 degrees within 10 minutes and to 129 degrees within 30 minutes. Cracking your window open will not help keep the car cool enough for your pet. A pet can die or sustain brain damage in just 15 minutes in a hot car. Before putting your pet in the in your car during the hot summer months, ask yourself if you really need to take your pet with you – if the answer is no, leave your pet safely at home. 


How Hot Does Your Car Get In Summer


7 More Tips For Caring For Your Pet During Hot Summer Weather

  1. Be sure to have plenty of water available for both your dogs and cats when it's hot as they can get dehydrated much more quickly. Be sure to carry water with you when out with your dog. 

  2. Don't leave pets unsupervised around your pool. If your dog swims in your pool, hose it off to remove chlorine and chemicals as soon as possible.

  3. Keep pets off of hot pavement and asphalt as much as possible to keep their pads from burning.

  4. Keep your pets protected against mosquito bites by not skipping on heartworm medicine in the summer months.

  5. Don't shave your longer haired dogs thinking it will cool them off... it might instead cause them to be sunburned.

  6. If you keep windows open in your home, be sure to install screens securely so that dogs and cats don't fall out.

  7. Know the signs of heat stroke in dogs and cats.


Staying aware of these summer dangers to our fur babies will keep the coming summer season a happy one for both pets and their parents.


These Summer Pet Safety Tips are provided by Nina Hollander with Coldwell Banker RealtyGreater Charlotte residential real estate expert and pet parent. I've been opening doors for Charlotte area home buyers and sellers and their four-legged family members for 24+ years.




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PS: if you're thinking about adding a pet to your household this summer, please:


Adopt Don't Shop For Pets



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Comments (22)

Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400 hi Sheila... that's why I do a post on this subject at the start of each summer season. No matter how much we hear about this, I can't tell how often I'm in a parking lot and walk by dogs in a hot car.

Jun 03, 2023 07:31 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Thanks, Roy... I do a post on this subject every year... it's so important for those of us who are pet parents.

Jun 03, 2023 07:32 AM
Don Baker
Lane Realty - Eatonton, GA
Lake Sinclair Specialist

We have lots of fur kids on the other side of the rainbow bridge, but none left in our home, but we always took care of them year round.  They had booties for too hot or too cold walks, and lived inside with the kitchen off limits for their safety.

Jun 03, 2023 07:39 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Don Baker good morning, Don... you were obviously good pet parents. All of our fur babies passed away from old age. At the end of the day it doesn't take all that much to keep them safe and much of it is common sense.

Jun 03, 2023 07:41 AM
Don Baker

ours passed of old age as well.  We had one cat that was 21 that we lost in January.

Jun 03, 2023 07:56 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker

Don Baker 21 years is more than a respectable age for a cat. Sorry for your loss.

Jun 03, 2023 08:11 AM
Joan Cox
House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373 - Denver, CO
Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time

Nina, this is especially for dogs, my kitties don't go outdoors, and are very fearful of the car, so no worries here!

Jun 03, 2023 07:45 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Joan Cox hi Joan... I actually see lots of neighbor cats wandering around outside... never could quite understand that.

Jun 03, 2023 08:12 AM
Joan Cox

Cannot do that around here, we have raccoons and fox.   My kitties would have a short life.

Jun 03, 2023 10:21 AM
Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
"Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"

We have two feral Nina, and I make sure they have lots of water all the time and lots of food.


Jun 03, 2023 08:16 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Will Hamm hi Will... I suspect feral cats know how to take care of themselves in a way that domesticated cats don't.

Jun 03, 2023 09:16 AM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Nina- I am very happy that you post on this subject every year. We've already had young children left in cars too. 

Jun 03, 2023 11:33 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Kathy Streib hi Kathy... the young kids issue is one I can never wrap my mind around. You always seem to hear "I forgot my child was in the car." How does one forget?

Jun 03, 2023 01:41 PM
George Souto
George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages - Middletown, CT
Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert

Nina I have never before thought of Summer as being a dangerous time for pets, but after looking at your infographic I can easily see why it would be.

Jun 03, 2023 03:30 PM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

George Souto hi George, a lot of this is common sense, but sadly I see people putting their pets in some degree of danger quite often.

Jun 03, 2023 03:44 PM
Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP
Selling Homes Changing Lives

Nina Hollander, Broker - it pains me to see and hear about pets being abused by the heat at this time of the year through fall. This is a good awareness for the public. Let no pet suffer. 

Jun 03, 2023 05:46 PM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP hi Patricia I've always felt that we need to take special care of the most vulnerable... that is pets and children and often the elderly.

Jun 03, 2023 07:00 PM
Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Nina Hollander, Broker - me too!

Jun 03, 2023 07:08 PM
Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Nina loved your post, many years ago when we had Schmoie, I would take him to showings and would leave the car running with the A/C on many of my clients would say you left the car running and I would tell them well my dog was in the car and need to have the A/C on:) they all would get it, Endre

Jun 03, 2023 10:27 PM
Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

just walking Captain in the heat of the day is challenging.  the streets are so hot on his little paws that we have to stay in the grass of everyone's yards. 

Jun 04, 2023 05:10 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Endre Barath, Jr. hi Endre... loved that name! Our Bingo doesn't really "love" to ride around in the car... unless I'm taking him to the dog park. And God help me if I change the route to get there... he barks to let me know it's not his way of going there.

Jun 04, 2023 05:35 AM
Endre Barath, Jr.

Nina Hollander, Broker  I find it interesting Holly learned to love to go for rides over time.... unless it is to the Vet's office, when she sees the route oh boy she starts getting nervous and when I pull into the parking lot she starts shaking. Amazing how they know the "route".

Jun 04, 2023 11:37 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker

Endre Barath, Jr. whenever, Bingo escapes because someone didn't properly latch our front gate, he makes an immediate beeline for the dog park. And then I have wrestle him into my car.

Jun 04, 2023 02:14 PM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Lise Howe hi Lise... fortunately, my community has a private dog park for residents... so we can drive our dogs over and let them run around on grass.

Jun 04, 2023 05:36 AM
Kat Palmiotti
406-270-3667,, Broker/REALTOR® - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

There are a lot of summer dangers when it comes to pets. Good shoutout as to what to watch out for.

Jun 04, 2023 06:49 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Kat Palmiotti hi Kat... I've always been so careful with my cats and dogs, but I see lots of people who are somewhat more casual about their pets. Makes me crazy.

Jun 04, 2023 07:00 AM
Kat Palmiotti

I'll bet it does!

Jun 04, 2023 07:03 AM