Add Sense of "Well Being" To Home with Biophilic Design

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Want to have a sense of 'Well Being" in your home. Well trying seeing nature outside and letting that nature inside. (Photo: Phghvvcftyyufj, Pixabay)

While the concept of letting the outdoors in is not exactly new, the term “biophilic design” has been trending among homeowners, interior designers, and architects in recent years. With a goal of connecting humans with nature by incorporating natural elements, materials, and colors into the design of homes and buildings, biophilic design has surged in popularity as a way to improve well-being while enhancing the beauty of our living spaces. If your home is on the market, adding some elements of biophilic design can be a great way to increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Here are a few simple ways to bring this interesting trend into your home:

- Add plenty of plants. One of the easiest ways to incorporate biophilic design is through the use of live plants. From low-maintenance varieties like succulents to potted herb gardens to more advanced options, like plant walls and potted indoor trees, plants not only bring greenery and a direct connection to the natural world into your home, but they’re also linked to a variety of benefits, including reduced stress and improved air quality.

- Maximize views of the outdoors. If any rooms in your home have appealing views of the outdoors, take advantage of them by removing grills and sashes from windows and pinning back (or removing) drapery. Additionally, consider installing skylights in rooms such as bathrooms, hallways, and the kitchen to bring in natural light.

Window View

Let the outside in for a sense of Well Being (photo: Ivabalk, Pixabay)

- Add the American Flag. Show the flag all year long with a view from the outside visible from the inside. We have a beautiful flag don't we? May God Bless America, the home of the FREE and land of the BRAVE and those that gave it all for us. What a better way for a sense of well being.

US Flag outside YOUR Home

American Flag

Well Being and American Flag go together

- Incorporate textures and colors commonly found in nature. For example, add some décor items made of wood, stone, or leather, and choose a color scheme focused on subtle, natural hues such as browns, greens, and light blues.

- Add water features. The sound of water can be very soothing and can instantly create a nature-oriented, spa-like vibe inside your home. Consider purchasing a small indoor water fountain or even a fish tank to harness these benefits and build a stronger connection to nature.

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