Military Housing San Diego Hot Sheet | Housing Options

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Military Housing San Diego Hot Sheet | Housing Options

In our latest YouTube video, we discuss the various housing options available for military personnel stationed in San Diego. From on-base housing to off-base rentals, we analyze the pros and cons of each and provide valuable insights for those embarking on the search for a new home in the area.

On-Base Housing - Liberty Military Housing's San Diego Hot Sheet:

Liberty Military Housing is the sole provider of on-base housing in San Diego.
Strict adherence to rules is required for those opting for on-base housing.
The waitlist for on-base housing can be lengthy, sometimes extending up to a year.
Contacting Liberty Military Housing may involve some challenges, as call volumes can be high.
Off-Base Housing - Exploring Alternatives:

Engaging with a local property manager or realtor who understands the local market is an excellent alternative to on-base housing.
Financially, finding a place off-base often proves to be more advantageous.
The housing allowance for military personnel has significantly increased in Southern California, allowing for better rental options or even potential home purchases.
Sand To Sea Properties is one such real estate agency that specializes in assisting military clients in finding suitable off-base housing.
Accessing a Comprehensive Rental Hot Sheet:

Sand To Sea Properties offers its own comprehensive "hot sheet" listing approximately 100 properties managed by their team.
Additionally, they have access to the multiple listing service (MLS) and other reliable platforms like and Zillow.
By reaching out to Sand To Sea Properties, individuals can request a tailored hot sheet showcasing available rentals in the desired area.

Factors to Consider in the Housing Search:

Determine your housing allowance is crucial in assessing the affordability of different properties.
Check the DFAS website provides information on your housing allowance.
Property Condition and Proximity to Base:
Evaluate the condition of the property and its proximity to your base or workplace is vital for a convenient commute.
Considering the distance and traffic conditions in Southern California helps in managing commuting times effectively.
Amenities and Lifestyle:
Exploring the amenities and lifestyle options in the vicinity is essential for leisure activities and family needs.

Proximity to beaches, mountains, golf courses, wineries, schools, and other amenities plays a role in selecting the ideal location.

Safety and Security:
Researching the safety and security ratings of different neighborhoods is crucial for peace of mind.
Some areas within San Diego County are renowned for their safety, while others may have higher crime rates.

Housing Market Trends and Future Development:
Understanding housing market trends, including supply and demand, helps in making informed decisions.

Considering future development plans in the area can help avoid potential issues with ongoing construction or changes in the neighborhood.

Finding the perfect place to live in San Diego as a military member requires careful consideration of various factors. Whether choosing on-base housing or exploring off-base options, it's crucial to assess affordability, property conditions, proximity to base, amenities, safety, and market trends. Sand To Sea Properties and their team of experts are dedicated to assisting military personnel in finding a comfortable home that suits their needs. By collaborating with knowledgeable professionals, individuals can navigate the housing search process with confidence and find a place they can call home during their stay in San Diego.


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