The Endless Pursuit of Branded Buildings

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The world of luxury real estate is constantly evolving, and one particular phenomenon that has captured the attention of affluent individuals is the rise of luxurious condominiums, or "condos." These exclusive residential complexes offer a lavish lifestyle combined with privacy and convenience. Miami will never build enough luxurious and branded buildings. There are fascinating stories behind some of the most opulent developments, including the visionary work of Gil Dezer, a famous developer.


One of Gil Dezer's obsessions is marble craftsmanship, exemplified by the meticulous installation of travertine tiles imported from an Italian quarry. The precision with which these tiles are reassembled in the lobby of a high-rise tower is breathtaking. The veins of the marble flow seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing effect that stretches over 300 feet. Dezer's unwavering commitment to perfection is evident in every detail, and his uncouth demeanor is overshadowed by his unmatched passion for creating remarkable living spaces.


Gil Dezer is the builder of The Porsche Design Tower. The particularity of this building is that there is an elevator that transports residents and their vehicles directly to their apartments. This whimsical invention not only adds a touch of excitement to the ride but also caters to the desire for privacy, a coveted luxury in an overheated Miami condo market. He also developed other condos such as Residences by Armani, and Trump Towers.


In an era where opulent features like in-suite saunas, multiple gyms, and concierge services have become commonplace, privacy has become the ultimate luxury. Luxury condos have evolved beyond extravagant amenities to become private sanctuaries for the elite. The work of visionaries like Gil Dezer in Sunny Isles Beach has redefined the concept of opulence, combining meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and the pursuit of privacy.

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