6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Patio Garden

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Many city dwellers who live in high-rise buildings and apartments use their balconies to satisfy their desire for a garden. A beautiful patch of potted plants and flowers can be created on any size verandah. However, just like anything else in life, you must invest time and care into caring for your plants. Here are the major but common mistakes that could prevent your patio garden from blooming. Happy gardening!

  1. Making No Plans

One of the most common mistakes is to begin a garden without proper planning. Your balcony garden, like a garden on the ground, must have a certain physical flow and aesthetics. Plan ahead of time and determine the basics, such as where you will place the pots, whether you want creepers on the railings, and what kind of garden accessories you want to include in the setup. Consider how visually appealing you want your garden to be from the inside of your home as well as from a distance.

  1. Picking The Wrong Plants

The wrong plants can destroy your garden. Every plant has different needs in terms of sunlight and water, and some have different blooming seasons, so it is critical that you choose the right plants for your balcony and region. For example, if you live in a high-humidity area, bougainvilleas may not be a good choice because they require direct sunlight and arid air to thrive. So do your research on which plants are best for your city before purchasing.

  1. Watering Too Much Or Too Little

Overwatering and underwatering are both harmful to your plants. When you see water coming out of the planter's drainage hole, stop watering your plants. Excessive water near the roots can cause them to rot. Plants, on the other hand, will dry out and die if they do not receive enough water. To determine if the soil is dry, stick your finger in the soil up to your second knuckle; if the soil feels dry at that depth, your plants need to be watered.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Pots

When purchasing pots, keep proper drainage and the appropriate size in mind.

When purchasing plants, inquire about the size they will reach when fully grown. This should help you determine the size of the pots you'll need. If you see roots growing out of the pots, your plant requires a larger container. In a smaller pot, the roots will not receive enough nutrients and water, causing the plant's growth to suffer.

  1. Skipping On Fertilisers

Water and sunlight are essential, but your balcony garden also requires additional nutrients and nourishment. And that is exactly what fertilizers are for; you can buy fertilizers designed specifically for container plants or use compost. The latter is both organic and environmentally friendly.


To keep your plants healthy, mix a handful of fertilizer into the soil every two weeks. Fertilisers must be used on a regular basis for potted plants because they deplete quickly and are washed away by watering.

  1. Failure To Keep An Eye Out For Pests/Weeds

You must constantly care for your plants. Maintain your lawn by removing weeds and dead leaves on a regular basis. Weeds will deplete the nutrients in your plant if they are not removed immediately. Check your plants on a regular basis and gently remove weeds. Make sure to remove their roots. You should also inspect your plants on a regular basis for insect and caterpillar infestation.


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Tamra, excellent items to keep in mind for gardens.  I will tend to forget about the proper pot size.  Saw a sign at a nursery once that I have always remembered.  "If you are not going to water a rock"  Make it a great day.  Mark

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