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Discover the Best Markets for Long-Term Rental Property Investment

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Are you thinking about investing in rental properties for long-term income? Look no further! Airdeed, a leading online short-term rental real estate marketplace, has conducted an extensive data analysis to identify the top markets that offer excellent opportunities for long-term rental property investment. In this blog, we will explore the findings of Airdeed's Homes Rental Property Report and uncover the most profitable states and cities for your investment ventures.

Determining Profitable Markets

Airdeed analyzed over 1,000 long-term rental investment properties for sale across the United States. Their goal was to identify the markets that provide the highest gross revenue returns for potential buyers. The following states emerged as the most promising for long-term rental property investment: Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri.

Ohio Takes the Lead

At the top of the list, Ohio stands out as the state with the most attractive opportunities for investors. With a remarkable 91 rentals exceeding a 10% gross-revenue-to-list-price ratio, it showcases a strong potential for profit. Following closely behind, Michigan and Alabama offer 53 and 50 rental properties, respectively, that also exceed the 10% ratio. Florida and Texas round out the top five with 45 and 42 rentals meeting the criteria.

Thriving Metro Markets

Zooming in on specific cities, Airdeed's analysis revealed the top metro markets for long-term rental investments. Cleveland, Detroit, Birmingham, Memphis, St. Louis, Dallas, Lubbock, Akron, Lake Charles (Louisiana), and Milwaukee make up the coveted list. Notably, Cleveland outshines the others, with 37 rental properties generating gross revenue of over 10% compared to their list price. The city's highest recorded gross revenue to list price ratio was an impressive 28%, showcasing immense potential for lucrative returns.

While the data above is helpful should you want to be a property investor and start your investment journey, it is still recommended to reach out to a seasoned realtor for help. Got any questions? Let's talk!

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There are a lot of surprises on this list … both in regard to what is hit and what is not!

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